• ADA4817-2 power supply


    Can ADA4817-2 be powered from +/- 2.5 V supplies? I'm having an issue with the LTSpice simulation. 

    When ADA4817-2 is powered from +/- 5V supply simulation is okay, but when I change it to +/-2.5V the positive output signal is clipped. 


  • Load Capacitane of ADA4817-2

    Hi All,

    I am using ADA4817-2 part in my on going project. I have query about driving capacity of this OP-AMP. I am using this OP-AMP in unity gain configuration mode (Voltage Follower). I want to know how much load capacitance it can drive.The series…

  • ADA4817-1/2


    I am looking for a buffer (Analog) with the following requirements: 

    1) Input voltage range: 0V to 0.9V 

    2) Fq: ~100MHz to 200MHz 

    3) Iq, Noise: We don't really care about it 

    4) VDD: We can provide any VDD between 0.9V to 3.3V (Or may be…

  • in-amp biasing concern (3 op-amp config. using ADA4817-1/2)


    I plan to build a high speed three op-amp in-amp like the one presented in the ADA4817-2 datasheet (figure 53 on page 21). The input will be only one coil that is connected between both inputs. The input signal to the in-amp will therefore be…

  • Questions related to ADA4817-1/4817-2

    Dear Eng. Dr. Art Kalb we appreciate your comprehensive reply related to ADA4898



    Now we have several questions related to Equations (4-6) from the specification datasheet of ADA4817-1/4817…

  • ADA4817 spice model

    Hello everyone,

    For a projekt we want to use the ADA4817 as a charge sensitive preamplifier. That for we need a low feedback capacitance. The datasheet doesn't say about an internal capacitance between output and inverting input, just about external…

  • ADA4817 eval board oscillating

    I've been having some trouble with a prototype circuit using the ADA4817-2.  My circuit uses that dual amp as the input of a 3-amp IA - with a gain of 2.  I am trying for 500MHz BW.  The input amp peaks and is prone to oscillate around 180Mhz.  I tried…

  • ADA4817 self-oscillation


    I use ada4817-1 and adg1414bcpz to convert current to voltage.

    But the amplifier self-oscillate at frequency about 80MHz.

    How can i cancel the unexpected frequency?

    In attchment, ADA4817-1 convert current in DUT to voltage. ADG1414BCPZ used to…

  • ADA4817 differential probe

    It is my first project with a high speed op amp, so I would like to ask a few questions about using the ADA4817 before starting the prototype, to avoid basic errors.

    My project consists of reproducing a differential probe with characteristics similar…

  • RE: Voltage follower circuit of ADA4817 SPICE

    Hi Harry

     Thank you for the reply.

     I confirmed inpput output range of Japanese datasheet is different from Engish version.

    I follow  Engish version.

    Best regards

    N.Kokubo PDF