• RE: 求运放推荐

    ADA4817-1, AD8615 , AD8616,AD8066, AD8067, 都可以参考一下

  • ADA4817-1可以用正负9v电压供电吗


  • Questions related to ADA4817-1/4817-2

    Dear Eng. Dr. Art Kalb we appreciate your comprehensive reply related to ADA4898



    Now we have several questions related to Equations (4-6) from the specification datasheet of ADA4817-1/4817…

  • RE: Can't get the ADA4817-1 to oscillate properly

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  • ADA4817-1 bias current & temparature graph

    My customers are considering using ADA 4817-1, but I got a question.

    #1 Is a graph of input bias current and temperature change prepared?

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  • RE: ADA4817-1 output -> inverting input capacitance

    Can you lower your transimpedance gain and then take more gain in a 2nd stage?  I don't know what your photodiode characteristics are, but using a the photodiode wizard, I was able to come up with this circuit:

    That had this response:

    Would something…

  • RE: cancel JFET amplifier input capacitance changes

    Hi Francois,

    Sorry for this late response.

    The Application Note (AN232) you sighted  refers  to JFET-input amplifiers that operate on high voltages and have relatively high input capacitance. The ADA4817 has a maximum supply voltage of 10 V that is far…

  • RE: AD4817-2 use as a multiplexor

    Hello, I asked the original question. We built the system, and found the following:

    1. When the PD is activated the ADA4817 output goes to -V with what appears to be an approx. 600uA current sink.  As the output voltage is varied by the other amp in the…

  • Cable driver


    (low noise and low distortion application)

    I want to buffer a small signal with ADA4817 and then send the output signal through a 50 Ohm coax cable. I put a series 50 Ohm resistor at the output of ADA4817. the cable's length is 1 meter.


  • RE: ADA4530-1做电流灵敏时的压摆率问题