• ADA4817-1 Power Down


    My customers are considering ADA 4817-1.

    So I got a question.
    It is about operation in the Power Down state.

    #1  Is the input pin High-Z (high impedance)?

    #2  Does the current leak from the input pin?

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  • RE: ADA4817-1/2


    5.5 V is the Abs Max Supply Voltage for LTC6268. This doesn't mean that you have to power the part at 5.5V. The Abs Max Ratings specifies parameters where the part is expected to operate before potential permanent damage. So to answer your concern…

  • ADA4817-1 Input impedance change


    My customers are considering using ADA 4817-1.

    So I got a question.

    Does the input impedance vary with frequency?

    If it changes, how will it change?

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  • ADA4817-1 differential to single end

    I use ADA4817-1 to convert differential voltage to single end. The common voltage is +0.3V ~ +0.7V, and the differential voltage is about 5mV to 2000mV. The source impedance is about 5k ~10k Ohm. Signal frequency from DC to100MHz.

    The simple circuit…

  • ADA4817 self-oscillation


    I use ada4817-1 and adg1414bcpz to convert current to voltage.

    But the amplifier self-oscillate at frequency about 80MHz.

    How can i cancel the unexpected frequency?

    In attchment, ADA4817-1 convert current in DUT to voltage. ADG1414BCPZ used to…

  • RE: AD645电流转电压运放

    可以使用AD8067  ADA4817-1

  • RE: making a High Gain, High Speed wide-band Amplifier by AD8067

    Dear Gauzz

    TanQ for ur reply

    before your answer, I did some simulations by spice models of two AD8067 in series and a composite of a AD8067 and a AD8009 and found improvements by composite configuration against two series amps.

    now I have an another question…