• ADA4817-1/2


    I am looking for a buffer (Analog) with the following requirements: 

    1) Input voltage range: 0V to 0.9V 

    2) Fq: ~100MHz to 200MHz 

    3) Iq, Noise: We don't really care about it 

    4) VDD: We can provide any VDD between 0.9V to 3.3V (Or may be…

  • ADA4817-1 Power Down


    My customers are considering ADA 4817-1.

    So I got a question.
    It is about operation in the Power Down state.

    #1  Is the input pin High-Z (high impedance)?

    #2  Does the current leak from the input pin?

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  • ADA4817-1 Input impedance change


    My customers are considering using ADA 4817-1.

    So I got a question.

    Does the input impedance vary with frequency?

    If it changes, how will it change?

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  • ADA4817-1 bias current & temparature graph

    My customers are considering using ADA 4817-1, but I got a question.

    #1 Is a graph of input bias current and temperature change prepared?

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  • ADA4817-1 differential to single end

    I use ADA4817-1 to convert differential voltage to single end. The common voltage is +0.3V ~ +0.7V, and the differential voltage is about 5mV to 2000mV. The source impedance is about 5k ~10k Ohm. Signal frequency from DC to100MHz.

    The simple circuit…

  • ADA4817-1 output -> inverting input capacitance

    Hi all,

    I'm prototyping a low-noise photodiode frontend using the ADA4817-1 with 2 MΩ transimpedance gain.

    Despite considerable efforts to reduce feedback capacitance, I can't seem to get more than ~730 kHz bandwidth (-3 dB). Using the updated SPICE…

  • Questions related to ADA4817-1/4817-2

    Dear Eng. Dr. Art Kalb we appreciate your comprehensive reply related to ADA4898



    Now we have several questions related to Equations (4-6) from the specification datasheet of ADA4817-1/4817…

  • RE: Can't get the ADA4817-1 to oscillate properly

         Hello Fausto,

         The ADA4817's high-Z inputs allow high-value feedback resistors, but stray capacitance might not.  You may wish to try lower resistance values and more hysteresis in your oscillator.  For example, the circuit shown below simulates fine…

  • ADA4817-1可以用正负9v电压供电吗


  • in-amp biasing concern (3 op-amp config. using ADA4817-1/2)


    I plan to build a high speed three op-amp in-amp like the one presented in the ADA4817-2 datasheet (figure 53 on page 21). The input will be only one coil that is connected between both inputs. The input signal to the in-amp will therefore be…