• ADA4807-4 IBIS Model

    Saludos. En este momento estoy trabajando con el amplificador ADA4807-4 (www.analog.com/.../ada4807-4.html), y necesito realizar análisis de integridad de la señal (SI), pero no puedo encontrar el modelo IBIS de este amplificador. ¿Alguien…

  • ADA4807-4 IBIS model

    regards. At the moment I am working with the ADA4807-4 amplifier ( www.analog.com/.../ada4807-4.html ), and I need to performing Signal Integrity (SI) analyses, but I can not find the IBIS model of this amplifier. Can someone help me?

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  • ADA4807

    We are using the amplifier ADA4807-2 as an integrator. The ADA4807 is powerd from 6V. As an integrator the output is saturated to the rails. In our circuit it seems that the current consumption without any load increases with a few milliammperes when…

  • ADA4807


    Dear Analog Devices




    I am having challenge in understanding the datasheet on the ADA4807 (alternative AD8027), in respect of the output swing.


    My challenge is that I have an input from a potmeter, providing a voltage input to a “buffer…

  • ADA4807 Spice Model Slew Rate Modeled Correctly?


    I am using the ADA4807 model to model the ADA4807-2 in an active filter application where the output is a 10 MHz sinewave. The output has a peak voltage of 1.79 V.

    Theoretical calculation shows:

    Min Req Slew Rate = 2 * pi * 10 * f * Vpeak/(10…

  • Why is it important to use the ADA4807 as a reference buffer?

    Why is it important to use the ADA4807 as a reference buffer?


    The reference input on a SAR ADC represents a dynamic load. The ADA4807
    provides a low impedance, low noise driver that is required to keep the
    reference voltage low noise…
  • RE: Need Help in selection of ADC for CMOS Image Sensor

    Hi Shyam,

    I'm not an amplifier nor a clocking expert, but here are some comments.


    • From the datasheet it appears to me that the ADA4807 is a low frequency amplifier targeted for precision applications. In the ADC DRIVING section of the ADA4807…
  • ADA4807-4放大输出1.3M正弦波时有稳定频率为21Mhz的噪声以及42M,63M的谐波。




  • ADA4807 simulation mismatch with circuit

    I am using an ADA4807 as a unity gain buffer, with a +5V and -2.5V supplies. The +ve input is ac coupled to a signal that varies between 17V and 19V @ 250kHz. I have a 100k resistor to ground on the +ve input also. If I simulate this circuit using LTspice…