• ADA4807-1 Spice Model Disable


    in ADA4807-1 Spice Model there is an addtional pin called /S. I believe this is disable.

    In a simple inverting configuration, I connect this pin to GND, and I get still an output signal with the expected gain as per inverting.

    Can it be the modelling…

  • ADA4807-1 had output oscillation on Non-inverting Topology


    I had designed a non-inverting amplifier by ADA4807-1, following picture is the simulation result of LTspice , 

    I used actual IC to verify on the PCB, but the output waveform of ADA4807-1 is 13.26MHz Oscillation waveform. My schematic of PCB is the same…

  • ADA4807


    Dear Analog Devices




    I am having challenge in understanding the datasheet on the ADA4807 (alternative AD8027), in respect of the output swing.


    My challenge is that I have an input from a potmeter, providing a voltage input to a “buffer…

  • ADA4807

    We are using the amplifier ADA4807-2 as an integrator. The ADA4807 is powerd from 6V. As an integrator the output is saturated to the rails. In our circuit it seems that the current consumption without any load increases with a few milliammperes when…

  • ada4807输出直流偏置


  • ADA4807-2


  • Ada4807 analysis

    I created a lt spice model of my circuit which consists of an op amp in a unity gain voltage follower configuration which feeds a SAR ADC. I also included the flywheel circuit in front of the adc. There are two models, each one having a different op amp…

  • ADA4807 ByPass Capacitors

    Good Day,

    I have a question about decoupling and bypass capacitors for ada4807. In datasheet its written one is ceramic and the other in parallel is tantalum. The question is can i use both ceramic caps instead of this tantalum or tantalum is necessary…

  • ADA4807-4 IBIS Model

    Saludos. En este momento estoy trabajando con el amplificador ADA4807-4 (www.analog.com/.../ada4807-4.html), y necesito realizar análisis de integridad de la señal (SI), pero no puedo encontrar el modelo IBIS de este amplificador. ¿Alguien…

  • ADA4807-4 IBIS model

    regards. At the moment I am working with the ADA4807-4 amplifier ( www.analog.com/.../ada4807-4.html ), and I need to performing Signal Integrity (SI) analyses, but I can not find the IBIS model of this amplifier. Can someone help me?