• ADC AD7176-2 driver IC use?

    can we use ADA4805 driver IC  with 7176-2 ADC bcz we are using Pseudo Differential Inputs mode of ADC

  • RE: Op-amp as integrator

    Hello Jino

    Thank you for the recommendation. The ADA4805 seems to work in the application where we convert a CMOS 3.3V signal to a signal that swings between 0 and -6V with a rise and fall time between 1 and 2 microseconds. If the ADA4805 output has…

  • ADA4805 output voltage swing

    I am testing  current capability of op-amps by evaluating voltage swing to rails with simulation in PSpice.

    I do it by sweeping through a current source at the output (at 75°). For negative rail (and currents) the V2 is set to 0V.

    However ,ADA4805 shows…

  • RE: ADA4805-1能否满足,在电压电压为0~3V下,将200kHz的正弦波转换为方波

    ADA4805-1 的带宽范围为105MHz, 也可以满足双极性要求

  • RE: AD7663


    In a fully differential ADC driver. the VOCM pin should be connected to your Vref/2. Please see attached example schematic using the ADA4940-1 a newer part which I also recommend  that can drive the AD7663. and then you can also use two single ended A…

  • RE: ADA4805-1输出电压

    3.3V的电源可以正常输出 3.0V的基准电压源, ADA4805-1采用的是什么电源,如果也是3.3V电源,那么其输入共模电压将只能达到2.3V,无法接受3V输入电压

  • Differential Amplifier for 32-bit ADC

    I am working on an VirtualBench Projects that uses the AD7177-2 32-bit ADC.

    Does anyone know any good amplifiers that wil work well With the 32-bit ADC?

    I am looking at these parts.

    External gain: AD8253

    5.00v ref: ADR4550

    2.50v ref: ADR4525


  • RE: Alternatives to AD8244

    Hi Jake,

    Thank you for using ADI parts. As for your queries:

    1. Replacement for AD8244 - you can use ADA4805-1 (0.2 µV/°C Offset Drift, 105 MHz Low Power,Low Noise, Rail-to-Rail Amplifier).


    Part Number Status Special…
  • RE: ADA4817 oscillation problem



      I don't like to use the word "never", but I'm tempted to say you will never get your circuit working.

    If you have nanohenries of inductance in your supply leads and 2-5pF of stray capacitance everywhere,

    and 1k-10k resistors…

  • RE: AFE for AD7768-4


    The recommended drivers for AD7768 are ADA4945-1, ADA4896-2, ADA4940-1 for Fast Power Mode; ADA4945-1, LTC6363, ADA4805-2 for Low Power Mode; and ADA4945-1, ADA4807-2, ADA4940-1 for Median Power Mode. The AD7768 can operate up to 5V analog supply so…