• ADA4700-1

    what is the common mode voltage for ADA4700-1; and also please let us know any op-amp is having Vcm +/- 300V with single ended impedance of > 1M  ohms

  • Power supply for ADA4700-1


        Can I provide a single 100V power rail for ADA4700-1?


  • ADA4700-1 gets hot

    Schematic below

    I am using the ADA4700-1 to provide +-40V DC with a 0 to +2.5V input.  The output of the ADA4700-1 drives a 47K ohm load (40v=<1ma).

    The ADA4700-1 is mounted to a DIP adapter board.  I am not able to attach the heat sink pad…

  • ADA4700 - DAC-controlled dual polarity voltage source

    I've selected the ADA4700-1 in an application to drive a static charge upon a stainless steel plate (conductivity measuring instrument).  For this purpose I have two supply rails, one at +38V and the other at -38V.   The ADA4700-1 will be configured…

  • 200V output from ADA4700-1?

    I want to drive a MEMS device that is <10pF. We would like to be able to go 0 to +200V at 40KHz. Is there some way to boost the output voltage and keep the linearity?

  • ADA4700-1 with large capacitive load

    One of potential applications of ADA4700-1 is a piezo driver, but solutions presented in the datasheet work up to 100nF only, while my piezo has 1.5uF. Could you suggest a circuit which would work fine in such a case? I need to work with the frequencies…

  • RE: OpAmp to provide -15V from -38V <100ma

    Hi Mark,

    Those are two interesting problems.  There are a few high voltage opamps to take a look at but I suspect none of them meet your needs for one reason or another.  Harry's recommendation is probably the best: ADA4700-1:  Single 100V precision…

  • RE: Characteristics ADA4700

    Hi again Goz,

    Do you know what value of P1 if my supply power is +48V and -48V regul

    regulated voltage

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  • RE: 看看吧,这个逆天的项目中的这四个器件你或许也用过哦!





  • RE: ADA4700 Spice Model do not work "Missing node(s)"


    I use EAGLE to draw
    and export a Spice Netlist

    Than I import the netlist in LTSpice

    The netlist


    .tran 0 100m

    .include C:/EAGLE/cir/ADA4700.cir

    * Pinorder: A K

    XD1  N9 OUT 1N4148

    .INCLUDE C:/EAGLE/cir/1N4148.mod

    * Pinorder: I+ I- V+ V…