• ADA4638-1


    I have to buffering a signal, derived from an AD8226 INAMP, using an opamp like the ADA4638-1.

    The INAMP is powered with +12V, while the opamp uses +3.3V because it's interfaced with an ADC that works in the range 0:3V.

    in the following table…

  • FAQ: Temperature sensing Using Zero Drift Op Amps


    I am looking for an op amp to signal condition a low frequency (<100Hz) temperature sensor. I need a high precision amplifier with good offset voltage and drift. What are the appropriate amplifiers that you recommend?


  • RE: Offset Voltage adjustment for OP177


    The OP177 came out in 1989;  why are we spending any time on it?

    I told you:

    --  Adusting offset increases TCVos

    --  Large adjustment range means the customer is using it for a system level adjust;  this is poor practice.

    The customer can do whatever…

  • RE: ADA4665-2失调电压问题


  • ada4638

    I simulated the ada4638-1 in multisim and just a simple unit gain buffer connection. But the simulation result shows the offset voltage is as high as 126 uV when supply voltage is +-10V, which is quite different to the data sheet.

    Can anyone help me…

  • RE: Amplifiers for active electronic load

    Hi Tim,

    For the LT1006, I think the ADA4638-1 is an excellent part as replacement. ADA4638-1 is a high voltage, high precision, and zero-drift amplifier with rail-to-rail output. It has lower input offset voltage and drift, lower offset current, and…

  • RE: Question concerning SPICE-Model of ADA4638-1 Operational Amplifier

    Hi Malte,

    Actually, the SPICE of ADA4638 was modeled at typical values on Vsy=30V. With that information, I wonder how you implemented the model as what you have mentioned above. Could you share your schematic, simulations. and target application please…

  • RE: Precision Current Source

    Hi, starraytheon.

    I simulated your schematic diagram in Multisim and the output of ADA4638 with supply voltage of more than 5V shows a ramp waveform (triangular) that exceeds the expected output of 4.8V. I also tried adding the 100kohm resistor suggested…

  • RE: Op amp recommendation

    Hi, Jim.

    ADI has so many available op amps in DIP but OP284/OP484 best suits all your requirements. OP184 can operate from 3V to 36V, is unity-gain stable, has rail-to-rail input and output, has an output current of +/-10mA and can operate in the industrial…