• RE: AD745 datasheet and low noise charge amplifier

    Hi, Sebastian.

    Thank you for using ADI products and sorry for the very late response. As for your questions,

    1. Thank you for noticing this error. The caption should refer to Figure 7 and not Figure 5. We'll get this fixed.

    2. I'm also confused…

  • RE: ADA4841输入阻抗问题咨询

    由于ADA4841 无论差分输入阻抗还是共模输入阻抗都 比较小,所以可能造成此现象,

    建议还是采用高输入阻抗的运放, 比如一些FET输入的运放,如ADA4610 ADA4637  ADA4627

  • RE: 使用ADA4897-1出现大幅失调电压 ,怎么办?



    为了获得增益10乘以400kHz乘以10-20裕量我会挑选一个增益带宽为40-80 MHz的运算放大器。


    运算放大器表。 由于在大于五的噪声增益下运行也可以使用非完全补偿放大器





  • RE: ADA4817 low frequency (10 Hz) voltage (&current) noise, alternatives

    Hi qutechie,

    Thank you considering ADI parts on your project. Unfortunately, ADA4817 could not meet your requirements on low frequencies since the input voltage noise at 10Hz is between 100 to 200 nV/sqrt(Hz) and at 100Hz its noise density is 40nV/sqrt…

  • LTC2942-1


    The Sense+ pin is connected to both Charger and Load. So,I would like to know how the LTC2942 could determine the operation mode between charge and discharge.


  • RE: Noise result of Photodiode Cirsuit Design Wizard


    Apologies for the delayed reply.  I've investigated this, and have determined that the SPICE model for this device does not accurately represent the voltage noise density at higher ( greater than 3MHz ) frequencies.  I've also investigated the…

  • RE: .file_attr 1="1";

    Hi Gideon,

    Sorry for the delay in responding.

    The cause of the problem is "-file-attr CORE0" and "-DCORE0" both being included on the compiler command-line. Could you delete CORE0 from the "Additional attributes" in Tools Settings > CrossCore Blackfin…

  • LTC1668 Gain Error

    In a circuit with a LTC1668 driving a differential buffer stage, and using precision (0.1%) resistors, I'm seeing an output gain error of -4% (there's small variation from unit to unit, but the error is always close to -4%).  I've seen the same…

  • Photodiode transimpedance amplifier with ADA4627-1

    Hi everyone,

    I have to design a photodiode transimpedance amplifier for an instrumentation application.

    I've used the Analog Device analog photodiode wizard with the following parameter:

    - reverse bias : positive, 12V

    - photodiode capacitance…

  • RE: LTC3785-1 PGOOD

    Hi- Yes, abs max is 6V. The UV and OV thresholds are different.