• 2 ADAU1701 AND 1 1 I2C LINE

    Hello, there. The card I designed includes 2 ADAU1701, 3 tanae EEPROM and 1 processor. They are on the only I2C line to communicate with each other. I've made and run software for 1 Adau in the Sigma studio app. But 2. Adauya code is not going. The device…

  • RE: ADA4627 Grade A and B in the Data Sheet

    Hi Alexey, 

    Thanks for bringing your question to the forum. 

    You can determine the grade of the part by the letter after the part number. For ADA4627-1ACPZ-R2, the A should mean that it is a grade A part. ADA4627-1BCPZ-R2 would be the B grade part. 


  • ECG 12D ADAS : could i use 2 ADAS1000 (1 master 1 slave) instead of an ADAS1000-2

    Hi everyone,

    Because of the current component shortage, we are wondering if we can replace our ADAS1000-2 by a second ADAS1000 in order to get ECG 12D ? We tried to replace it by an ADAS1000 on an existing board but i can't get a frame from the slave…

  • LTC3114-1 evaluation board SCP-LTC3114-1-EVALZ

    On the evaluation board for the LTC3114 Diode D2 connects to SW2 on the IC, What does it do, and under what conditions is it needed? We are supplying  12V at 1amp from 9 to 30V input to external customer supplied devices, these may have there own input…

  • ADuM5401: Is 1 Mbps the maximum data rate, can this device be used above 1 Mbps?

    For the ADum5401ARWZ a Maximum Data Rate of 1 Mbps is given. Is this data rate
    a useful operating rate or is
    this the absolute maximum rate? what will happen to the signal above 1 Mbps?


    1 Mbps is the maximum data rate for the A grade ADuM5401…

  • RE: HMC767: writing 1 to 02h (setting Reference Divider to 1) makes it so no SPI reads are correct

    Is it possible the device is somehow getting into HMC mode SPI rather than open mode when you have the ref div = 1. I cannot think of a reason why this would be the case, but the HMC SPI interface has been known to have issues at times with selecting between…

  • ADA4857-1 1 to 4 fanout

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am after some PCB routing advice on connecting one ADA4857-1(gain of 2) to four ADA4857-1 (gain of 1).
    The delay between the ADA4857-1 is not important just signal quality.

    Regards Joe

  • AD5750-1: Can the software determine which variant of AD5750 is populated -1 or -2?

    Can the software determine which variant of AD5750 is populated -1 or -2?


    What we have characterized is that the reset cycle typically takes 30us, we
    can’t guarantee the behavior of the part receiving SPI signals during this
    reset cycle…

  • ADSP SC584 SHARC+: Enabling Link Port advances it's DMA's current address by 1 word and decreases current X count by 1

    In our application we are using link ports to transfer data between an FPGA and the DSP at periodic intervals. We setup link port 1 (LP1) in DMA receive mode as prescribed in the HRM (pages 15-15, 15-16). After the data is received, LP1 and it's DMA are…