• ADA4627-1 and capacitive loads



    I want to use the ADA4627-1 as output buffer in unity-gain configuration in a DAC application. The op amp input is connected to an analog switch. Therefore high slew rates can arise at the input of the op amp. The resistive load connected to…

  • Will there be a dual version ADA4627-1.

    If so, that will be ADA4627-2.

    I have been waiting (4 weeks) to have this question answered, please!

    I need it for my headphone amplifier product, understand?

    BTW, I am most willing to do free field testing if you will provide the ADA4627-2s


  • Photodiode transimpedance amplifier with ADA4627-1

    Hi everyone,

    I have to design a photodiode transimpedance amplifier for an instrumentation application.

    I've used the Analog Device analog photodiode wizard with the following parameter:

    - reverse bias : positive, 12V

    - photodiode capacitance…

  • ADA4627-1 and ADA4637-1 Null Inputs Connection


    ADA4627-1 and ADA4637-1 have NULL pins which are offset adjust pins. If I do not plan to use offset adjust what should I do with the NULL pins? Leave it floating or use 100k Ohm pull-up resistors?



  • RE: ADA4627 Grade A and B in the Data Sheet

    Hi Alexey, 

    Thanks for bringing your question to the forum. 

    You can determine the grade of the part by the letter after the part number. For ADA4627-1ACPZ-R2, the A should mean that it is a grade A part. ADA4627-1BCPZ-R2 would be the B grade part. 


  • RE: Substitute for AD743 and AD546

    AD8510 and ADA4627-1 which one replaces ad743 and ad546?

  • Mass/Weight of AD542/AD549/ADA4627-1/AD8638


    I'm currently trying to design a more efficient circuit for a project that is already been done by a leading scientist that measures DC Electric Fields in the stratosphere. I was wondering if anyone knew the mass and weight for these four amplifiers…

  • How to change GBW in ADA4627-1 Spice macromodel ?

    Hi everybody,

    I am currently trying to build a photodiode transimpedance amplifier based on the ADA4627-1 opamp. The first result I have obtained on a prototype circuit are quite bad, as I get a lot of excess noise generated inside the circuit.

    I think…

  • RE: ADA4627-1 Input & Output Voltage range @V+=5V, V- = -5V

    Thank you for your answer.

    As an additional question, is the headroom voltage and footroom voltage (3V away & 4.5V away from each rail) constant with the ADA4627-1 as the power supply voltage?

    Best Regards,