• Question about the close-loop AC-Sweep simulation result of ADA4625-1


    I'm using LTspice XVII (newest version), the simulation model of ADA4625-1 I downloaded from AD's official site.

    I'm going to design an inverting voltage amplify circuit with a gain of -10.

    The simulation circuits are as below:


  • ADA4625-1

    What is the MTBF and FIT value of ADA4625-1ARDZ?

  • ADA4625-1 LTspice Model Offset Voltage


    when simulating ADA4625-1 configured as simple unity gain buffer in LTspice with single 5V supply (Vs- =0, Vs+=5V), I get a systematic DC offset of -45.406mV which is far beyond the max value in the datasheet (+/- 1mV max). Is there a problem with…

  • ADA4625-1 Crossover Distortion


    I am using the ADA4625-1 in a Digital to Analog Converter analog stage. I sometimes to like to use a current source to bias op amps into class a to reduce or eliminate crossover distortion. However, I noticed in the ada4625 datasheet that it says…

  • ADA4625-1ARDZ Noise LEVEL

    I am using ada4625-1 of analog device.
    It is used as a Transimpedance amplifier and uses a total of four.Let's call this one channel each. Rf is 5.1MEG and Cf is 3pF.
    However, only one channel has a high noise level. We suspect that the device…

  • LTspice - ADA4625 simulation unsuccesful

    Good day.

    I need your help. I downloaded your LTspice software and tried to simulate circuit with Opamp ADA4625. Simulation was unsuccesful. When I changed the opamp for ADA4622, it worked great. Is it a problem with ADA4625 Spice model? Could you check…

  • ADA4625-1 application without the -VS


    i have used the wizards help to create a design using the ADA4625-1

    my question is - do not have an option for -VS on my board

    if i ground this pin would i get only half the amplification?

    how else would this effect my design?


  • ADA4625: what does IVR parameter means?


    I'm not sure what does the IVR parameter of the ADA4625-1 part means. 

    Is this the same as input common mode range parameter often used in datasheets? If so, and the Vcm = 1.5 as stated above the table, does it mean that the all the table is…

  • ADA4625构建放大器有直流量输出



  • RE: what is the current noise density vs frequency for the ADA4625

    Is there any update on this topic. I too am looking for info on the current noise at low frequency. I intend to use ADA4625-1 for a unity gain buffer following a passive R-C filter ~1 MOhm + 20 uF (CDE #935C1W20K-F) and would like to estimate the noise…