• ADA4622-4 / ADA4622-2 / ADA4622-1 FAQ

    Q1. What is the ADA4622-4 / ADA4622-2 / ADA4622-1?


    A1. The ADA4622-4 / ADA4622-2 / ADA4622-1 is the next generation of the AD824 / AD822 / AD820. It is a single supply, 30 V, 8 MHz, Low Bias Current, Single-Supply, RRO, Precision JFET Op Amp.


  • RE: ADA4622-1/ADA4622-2 Output Voltage

    Hi Mochi,

    This is a typo in the data sheet and will be fixed in the upcoming Rev.C data sheet. The correct values for a 5V supply are shown below.



    5V supply Typ Max


  • ADA4622 Current Noise Density

    I read Datasheet of ADA4622-1/ADA4622-2/ADA4622-4(Rev. D).

    I have a question.

    IN ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS, VSY = ±15 V  Current Noise Density is 0.8fA/√Hz. (Rev. D | Page 4 of 37)

    I See.


  • RE: what is the ad8676 best voltage follower setup?

    hi Hary,

    in fact I will be mostly using it for DC measurements, ADA4622-2, ADA4610-2 seem to have large offset, ADA4000-2 even bigger.



  • RE: AD822 Unity Gain Stability

    I would not do a new design with the AD822;  the ADA4622-2 is the next generation part with much better

    specs and lower price.  Usually rule of thumb for gbw variation is +/-20%.


  • RE: AD822A Paarasitic capacitance

    The AD822 is over 20 years old and the next generation part, the ADA4622-2 is released.

    It has a spice model and the data sheet lists differential and common mode capacitance.


  • Input/output impedance when disabling the ADA4622-1

    I'm curious about the shutdown/disable feature of the ADA4622-1.

    What is the impedance looking into the ADA4622-1 at its inputs and output when the part is in shutdown?  I like the idea of a circuit like Figure 99 of the datasheet, but what extra load…

  • RE: AD8638 weird behaviour

    What about the ADA4622 ? This one does not seem to have the differential limiting input.

  • RE: AD7768 analog input range in PIN mode

    Hi John,

    Firstly, I would say if you are using the ADA4622-2 that this amp may struggle to drive the AD7768-4 directly on it's own. Generally we would need to use an additional driver amplifier between it and the ADC to settle the input to the ADC due…

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