• ADA4622-4 / ADA4622-2 / ADA4622-1 FAQ

    Q1. What is the ADA4622-4 / ADA4622-2 / ADA4622-1?


    A1. The ADA4622-4 / ADA4622-2 / ADA4622-1 is the next generation of the AD824 / AD822 / AD820. It is a single supply, 30 V, 8 MHz, Low Bias Current, Single-Supply, RRO, Precision JFET Op Amp.


    Q2. What…

  • About EPAD of ADA4622-2


    I need some help.

    As below picture picked from the datasheet.


    The EPAD of 2ch Version(ADA4622-2)  is recommended to connect the EPAD to V+, but the note…

  • RE: ADA4622-2


    May I know how much current/voltage are you anticipating at the input of the ADA4622-2?

    You could refer to page 28 of the datasheet for some guide regarding input protection of the ADA4622-2



  • RE: Looking for OP AMP like ADA4622-2 but with lower temperature offset drift.

    Hi Zayouna,

    An alternative to ADA4622-2 could be the ADA4610-2 which has lower 1/f noise (0.45uApp), 16.3MHz GBWP, 25 V/us SR, 10^13 ohm input resistance. The "Vos TC" (offset drift) of ADA4610-2 (2uV/deg. C, B Grade) is better than ADA4622-2…

  • Replacement part for the ADA4622-1?


    For our board build of 75 we need to find a pin for pin alternative for the ADA4622-1 which is an 8 pin MSOP. as we cannot find this part at any of the vendors.

    The application is unity gain,

    needs to be able to drive 6Vpp signals at 50KHz at not…

  • ADA4622-1/ADA4622-2 Output Voltage

    I read Datasheet of ADA4622-1/ADA4622-2(Rev. B).

    I have a question.

    The ADA4622-1/ADA4622-2 are the next generation of the AD820 and the AD822 single-supply, rail-to-rail output (RRO),precision junction field effect transistors (JFET) input op amps…

  • ADA4622 Input Negative Overvoltage Protection


    I have simulated ADA4622 overvoltage protection feature on Ltspice. When I applied positive over voltage beyond the rail, device's internal diodes are activated and voltage limited. However when I apply the negative input overvoltage to opamp, there…

  • ADA4622 Stability

    Hi.  I'm using an ADA4622 opamp with +/-12v power for a 1Hz to 40kHz preamp feeding an Apex PA78 power amp (see schematic below).  I'm seeing large and quite frequent noise spikes at the preamp output, unless I have a small load capacitance (including…

  • ADA4622-1 to replace TI OPA171 issue


               Below is customer schematics and ADA4622-1 & TI OPA171 test waveform. The pin3 input signal is DC signal . Why noise is much higher of ADA4622-1 than TI OPA171? It is directly replace OPA171 on the same board for testing. But ADA4622-1 has…