• Dies of "ADA4610-2" and "ADA4610-2BF"

    Dear Sir/Madam,


      I know that "ADA4610-2" is a commercial grade dual opamp and "ADA4610-2BF" is a space grade dual opamp.

      My question is,  are the dies of ADA4610-2 and ADA4610-2BF same or different?

      If the dies are same, is the only…

  • RE: ADA4610-2ARMZ


    I do not have actual test data for this possible improper power up sequencing failure (absence of V+ or V-) on ADA4610.
    But here is an article that will help you analyze current flow on possible test conditions with improper power up sequencing (see…

  • ADA4610 Single Supply

    Using ADA4610 for color light diode sensor ... prefer to use just a single +5V supply vs the +/- 5V supplies.  Any notes on the successful hookup?  Issues that may be expected?

  • ADA4610 current noise

    Do you have any data on the current noise spectral density for the ADA4610-2?  I've looked at numerous data sheets that indicate measurements are made on other opamps even at very low levels.  Just for a sampling, the AD8067 lists 0.6 fA in its datasheet…

  • Current Noise Density of ADA4610


    I am looking for information on current noise density for ADA4610, on parametric search it is listed as 1fA/(hz)^.5 but i see no reference in the datasheet for that value.  I assume the 1fA is a default value when one isn't listed or can I trust…

  • ADA4610-1 huge supply current

    Hi Everyone,

    I am using an ADA4610-1 opamp in an active loop filter for a PLL. However, after soldering it on my PCB, with the PLL turned off (no supply voltage, so no current on the charge pump output either) and giving 25V single supply voltage to…

  • ADA4610-1 Maximum Supply Voltage.

    The device's datasheets specify a maximum supply voltage of +/- 18V.

    Does this device have to supply a positive voltage?

    My design is a structure that can only supply 24V of voltage.

    I want to supply V +: 24V, V-: 0V.

    Is there any problem with…

  • 关于ADA4610-2峰值检测电路


  • Output current drift in VI converter using AD8276 and ADA4610-2


    I designed a VI converter using AD8276 difference amplifier and ADA4610-2 operational amplifier as shown on the schematic attached.

    The circuit was designed with reference to CN0099 current source reference design.

    During the measurement, the…

  • What other Jfet amplifier can replace ADA4610? I cannot find it on supplier sites anymore. Thank you!

    What other Jfet amplifier can replace ADA4610? I cannot find it on supplier sites anymore. Thank you!