• ADA4610 Single Supply

    Using ADA4610 for color light diode sensor ... prefer to use just a single +5V supply vs the +/- 5V supplies.  Any notes on the successful hookup?  Issues that may be expected?

  • LTC4366-2 ISSUE

    Picture:  input  from 160V ->350V/2s->160V; output is 160V->200V/2S->160V;  (because the input range of the latter power module is 100V to 200V)

    ISSUE:  when input was 350V,and output is 200V,the MOS is  worked in variable resistance region。NOW…

  • RE: HSC-ADC-EVALCZ and AD9253 125EBZ with third party software

    Hi Plaksik,


    The AD9653 default output format is 2s Complement, so VisualAnalog is setup to decode 2s Complement in the Input Formatter. The Matlab program is setup to read Offset Binary so the script writes Register 0x14 = 0x02 to put the AD9653 into…

  • RE: DC512B capacitors


    can you confirm that also C2 can remain the same (25V)?

    And another question: L1 can have different values depending on the configuration. I want to design the charger with a double config 2s and 6s compliant and choice the conf by the jumper…

  • RE: PSpice model for OP270Z

    The following are space qualified, but I don't know what the rad tolerance is:

    AD8671S, ADA4077-2S, ADA4084-2S, and AD8629S.  See:


    My choice…

  • RE: ADMP441 not working.

    I have exactly the same problem as yours. Are you sure that 2s complement is the problem? because most processors take 2s complement directly as the input? or, the mismatch in bits is the reason for your noise input? what all changes idd you do to make…

  • RE: AD711 replacement solution


    Recommended alternative parts for AD711 from the product page in this link are:



  • RE: Heat problem in AD811ANZ


    Just change to an ADA4084-1, ADA4610-1, or AD8671 and the power dissipation will

    be a lot less.


  • What other Jfet amplifier can replace ADA4610? I cannot find it on supplier sites anymore. Thank you!

    What other Jfet amplifier can replace ADA4610? I cannot find it on supplier sites anymore. Thank you!

  • RE: ADA4627-1 and capacitive loads

    Hi Neil,

    thank you for the information. Can you give a rough estimation when the ADA4610-1 will be available?