• Dies of "ADA4610-2" and "ADA4610-2BF"

    Dear Sir/Madam,


      I know that "ADA4610-2" is a commercial grade dual opamp and "ADA4610-2BF" is a space grade dual opamp.

      My question is,  are the dies of ADA4610-2 and ADA4610-2BF same or different?

      If the dies are same, is the only…

  • RE: Low input bias current. Which one to choose?

    Some of the other choices are:

    ADA4610-2 if you need a dual

    AD820, AD822

    AD8641, AD8642

    AD8610, AD8620

    AD8510, and ADA4610-2

    All of these are stable at gain of 1 for your voltage follower

  • RE: Looking for OP AMP like ADA4622-2 but with lower temperature offset drift.

    Hi Zayouna,

    An alternative to ADA4622-2 could be the ADA4610-2 which has lower 1/f noise (0.45uApp), 16.3MHz GBWP, 25 V/us SR, 10^13 ohm input resistance. The "Vos TC" (offset drift) of ADA4610-2 (2uV/deg. C, B Grade) is better than ADA4622-2…

  • RE: Looking for a good replacement.




  • AD977 output format and conversion algorithm

    I have a question about the ADC AD977. The output format can be straight binary or 2s complement (pin SB/BTC). I am using bipolar input signals (negative and positive voltages). When selecting 2s complement format, does that mean the successive approximation…

  • RE: Current Noise Density of ADA4610

    Here is the current noise plot of ADA4610.

  • RE: Is there data exchange between SPI controller and Visual Analog or HSC-ADC-EVALCZ FPGA?

    Hi Oceley,

    Thank you for working with AD9637. I'm observing something different on my bench.

    AD9637 Output Format Set by SPIController VisualAnalog Input Formatter Setting Result in VisualAnalog (FFT)
  • RE: transimpedance amplifier



      Take a look at the newer ADA4610-2.


  • Programming ad5752 in 2s comp mode

    Hi can someone please help me in configuring the DAC in in software? I am new in this field. I would like so set the output range to +-5v. I am not sure how it can be configured and initialized with that output range in my program. A basic C or C++ sampale…