• ADA4610-1 huge supply current

    Hi Everyone,

    I am using an ADA4610-1 opamp in an active loop filter for a PLL. However, after soldering it on my PCB, with the PLL turned off (no supply voltage, so no current on the charge pump output either) and giving 25V single supply voltage to…

  • RE: ADA4610-1 Maximum Supply Voltage.

    Dear Mr.krisf,


    Thank you for your quick reply.
    It is part of the application for measuring IEPE sensor signals.
    The ADA4610-1 will be used to match the impedance before differential amplifier input.



  • Dies of "ADA4610-2" and "ADA4610-2BF"

    Dear Sir/Madam,


      I know that "ADA4610-2" is a commercial grade dual opamp and "ADA4610-2BF" is a space grade dual opamp.

      My question is,  are the dies of ADA4610-2 and ADA4610-2BF same or different?

      If the dies are same, is the only…

  • RE: ADA4610 Single Supply


    The ADA4610 is specified at +/- 5V and +/-15V split supply.
    We could not guarantee device performance on your preferred supply range.

    You may advise critical parameters on your application and we may check alternate suited part.

    Thanks and regards…

  • ADA4610-2ARMZ


    I would like to understand the behavior of the amplifier output source impedance if one of the dual rails became disconnected.  I am operating the amplifier on +/-5V and driving a single ended ADC (3.3V supply).  I am looking at possible failure…

  • RE: Current Noise Density of ADA4610

    The FET input opamps like ADA4610 has almost no 1/f content unlike bipolar input opamps.

  • ADA4610 current noise

    Do you have any data on the current noise spectral density for the ADA4610-2?  I've looked at numerous data sheets that indicate measurements are made on other opamps even at very low levels.  Just for a sampling, the AD8067 lists 0.6 fA in its datasheet…

  • 关于ADA4610-2峰值检测电路


  • Output current drift in VI converter using AD8276 and ADA4610-2


    I designed a VI converter using AD8276 difference amplifier and ADA4610-2 operational amplifier as shown on the schematic attached.

    The circuit was designed with reference to CN0099 current source reference design.

    During the measurement, the…

  • What other Jfet amplifier can replace ADA4610? I cannot find it on supplier sites anymore. Thank you!

    What other Jfet amplifier can replace ADA4610? I cannot find it on supplier sites anymore. Thank you!