• ADA4610-1 Maximum Supply Voltage.

    The device's datasheets specify a maximum supply voltage of +/- 18V.

    Does this device have to supply a positive voltage?

    My design is a structure that can only supply 24V of voltage.

    I want to supply V +: 24V, V-: 0V.

    Is there any problem with…

  • ADA4610-1 huge supply current

    Hi Everyone,

    I am using an ADA4610-1 opamp in an active loop filter for a PLL. However, after soldering it on my PCB, with the PLL turned off (no supply voltage, so no current on the charge pump output either) and giving 25V single supply voltage to…

  • RE: Low input bias current. Which one to choose?

    Some of the other choices are:

    ADA4610-2 if you need a dual

    AD820, AD822

    AD8641, AD8642

    AD8610, AD8620

    AD8510, and ADA4610-2

    All of these are stable at gain of 1 for your voltage follower

  • RE: Heat problem in AD811ANZ

    Just change to an ADA4084-1, ADA4610-1, or AD8671 and the power dissipation will

    be a lot less.


  • Dies of "ADA4610-2" and "ADA4610-2BF"

    Dear Sir/Madam,


      I know that "ADA4610-2" is a commercial grade dual opamp and "ADA4610-2BF" is a space grade dual opamp.

      My question is,  are the dies of ADA4610-2 and ADA4610-2BF same or different?

      If the dies are same, is the only…

  • RE: ADA4627-1 and capacitive loads

    Hi Neil,

    thank you for the information. Can you give a rough estimation when the ADA4610-1 will be available?



  • RE: Looking for DAC with EEPROM / Flash

    Hi Ramakrishna,

    Since we do not have a DAC with EEPROM, i would suggest using AD5292 digipot along with a ADA4610-1 amplifier in buffer configuration to achieve your objective. 



  • RE: AD711 - Floating Null Pins

    Hi John,

    You're welcome!

    Other op amp that is worth considering is ADA4610-1. It has higher speed, lower noise, lower bias current and lower current, RRO with better drift.



  • RE: transimpedance amplifier


      Take a look at the newer ADA4610-2.