• offset trimmimg for ADA4530-1


    I am using ADA4530-1 amplifier for TIA application. Measuring 10pA . How to do offset trimmimg is there possibility for the user to trim the offset? As there is digi trim in the wafer stage but can trim be done manually??

    I am using CN0407-1-SDPZ…

  • The circuit design of ADA4530-1

    Hi, CN0407 can detect the current at the fA level. But the leakage current of the switch ADG1419 is a current of nA. What kind of consideration is in this design, or what kind of processing is needed to avoid the effect of the leakage current of ADG1419…

  • Pin floating in ADA4530-1?

    Dear Support

    I have read everything I could about ADA4530-1.

    However I have still one important open question:

    In the ADA4530-1R-EBZ User Guide (UG-865) I observe
    that the Pin No 3 IS CONNECTED to the negative rail
    in conflict to the explicit statement…

  • RE: ADA4530-1的带宽怎么确定

    您好,在ADA4530-1的数据手册上Page 46 ,TIA电路带宽计算。还请参考:


  • ADA4530-1 Die level option


    Is it possible to get ADA4530-1 amplifier with die level "package"?

    If not, what is then the best amplifier with die level package if the critical parameters are:

    - IBias under 1pA and offset voltage as low as possible (this will be use…

  • ADA4530-1的仿真


  • RE: An issue about ADA4530

    Hi Peng,

    The ADA4530-1 Evaluation Board User Guide can be a good resource for the ADA4530-1 guarding and layout that can be found on page 3. If you need the gerber files of the evaluation board, I can send it to your email.