• RE: ADA4530-1输出异常


  • Bootstrapping ADA4530-1

    I am evaluating ADA4530-1 as a unity gain DC-coupled buffer amplifer for it's low input bias current together with the low input offset drift.

    Since the bandwidth and slew rate is low, and the input capacitance and distortion is high, I am considering…

  • Questions while reading the specification of ADA4530-1 .


    Because of the lack of my experience, I have faced a question while reading the datasheet. After a lot of searching, I still have no idea. Thanks in advance for your guidance.

    The question is about the picture below.

    The open-loop gain and phase…

  • ADA4530-1 and LTC6079 with single supply in transimpedance application


    I am kindly asking advice on the following matter:

    We are considering to use the AD4530-1 and the LTC6079 in an TIA configuration to condition

    the photocurrent of a photodiode in a very low light application.

    Since the circuit design will be single…

  • RE: ADA4530.cir model works abnormally in LTSpice

    Hi Paul,

    In the same .lib file there exist a model of :

    .subckt ADA4530 1 2 3 4 5 6

    The contents of both ".subckt ADA4530" and ".subckt ADA4530-1" seem to be identical.


    But maybe as you said, ADA4530 does not exist in your database…

  • ADA4530-1 bias current

    The datasheet says + - 20fA gauranted

    however the datasheet rev B page 17 shows statistical data spreading way outside this for both inputs, in fact the plot states the standard deviation is about 20fA.

    Which is correct ?

    I see other people were querying…

  • ADA4530-1 humidity effects


    I was wondering if there is any data available for the input voltage offset of an AD4530-1 versus change in %RH?

    The datasheet specifies an input bias current error when the %RH changes, but nothing on input voltage offset.

    kind regards,


  • Question with regards to ADA4530-1

    Hi , 

    I have a number of questions with regard to ADA4350-1. 

    We are planning to get EVAL-CN0407 evaluation board to evaluate ADA4350-1.

    I cannot see EVAL-CN0407-1-SDPZ board in buy list, is it possible to order only EVAL-CN0407-1-SDPZ for replacement.


  • offset trimmimg for ADA4530-1


    I am using ADA4530-1 amplifier for TIA application. Measuring 10pA . How to do offset trimmimg is there possibility for the user to trim the offset? As there is digi trim in the wafer stage but can trim be done manually??

    I am using CN0407-1-SDPZ…

  • RE: ADA4530-1的带宽怎么确定

    您好,在ADA4530-1的数据手册上Page 46 ,TIA电路带宽计算。还请参考: