• ADA4528

    I am experimenting with using the ADA4528 to boost the signal from a load cell. Below is my circuit for the positive signal pin of the load cell. The negative circuit is the same, and the ground connection shown is not ground, but the common connection…

  • RE: 关于ADA4528的问题

    1. 没有焊接。为了不使用ada4528时预留的。 2. 没有接2.5V。但是接传感器的情况下,效果也较差。3. 排除了ADA4528芯片的问题,一个通道用的2片ada4528- 1 ,一个通道用的一片ada4528-2 做对比,效果一样


  • ADA4528, is there 16V version of this?

    I was impressed with the spec of ADA4528-2

    I'm seeking 16V version of this device (autozero is optional). It need to be low bias current (similar to ADA4528).

    If not available, are u designing it for 16V or 12V (actually on +/-5V)?, if so do you…

  • ADA4528 Rout


    I am working with the operational amplifier ADA4528 and I am facing some instability problems due to the capacitive load.

    After some research, I found the article “Practical Techniques to Avoid Instability Due to Capacitive Loading". I decided…

  • offset from ADA4528: datasheet <-> pspice


    I want to simulate the offset from ADA4528 (http://www.analog.com/static/imported-files/data_sheets/ADA4528-1_4528-2.pdf).


    I have simulate it, as can be seen in the appendix.

    I get a voltage Uout of 10uV.

    The offset is then: Uos = Uout…

  • ADA4528 Driving capability

    what is the souring and sinking current capability of the output of the ada4528


  • ADA4528 Zero Drift Amplifier

    What is a zero-drift amplifier?


    A zero-drift amplifier is an amplifier with offset voltage drift close to zero.
    It continuously self-corrects for any dc errors, achieving ultralow level of
    offset voltage and drift due to time and temperature…
  • Offset on ADA4528


    I'm using an ADA4528 to make a voltage amplification and I'm not able to explain why I have an offset on my AOP. I explain :

    I have a voltage divider : 0V5 - 470000 ohms - 8200 ohms - 0V. Without load (ADA4528), the measured voltage on…

  • RE: ADA4528 offset voltage thermal stability

    Dear Harry,

    I'm glad to read your reply.

    " "My design doesn't work, but I can't tell you anything about it." Really? Do you expect us to solve this?" No, I didn't. I was expecting the reply of someone smart enough to make the right questions ;-…

  • ADA4528 input bias current

    ADA4528 sourcing 和 sinking ability 是不是都一样,一个值?

    另一个问题,也是关于ADA4528的, 输入偏置电流的通路,


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