• ADA4528-2 driving current


    I'm using ADA45-28-2 opamp as an unity-gain buffer to drive a sensor bridge. so it's very important to me that the output of ADA4528-2 doesn't change with the load current change.

    (in my case the load is resistive and current changes slightly…

  • RE: LTspice ADA4528-2 time vs frequency, response conflict

    Hi  mohammadsdtmnd,

    Yes, that's correct.

    I eliminated the 1/2 of circuit connected to the non-inverting input of ADA4528-2. That portion has no effect on the Loop Gain or Phase Margin and won't affect stability at all because it is not involved with…

  • ADA4528: Precision Current Meter Using ADA4528

    Precision Current Meter Using ADA4528 by PatNoonan@NI

    Working with a user on this and thought this might be beneficial to the masses.

    Multisim simulation circuit attached.

    Note: User can adjust potentiometer while simulating to see current / Vout change…

  • ADA4528 Radiation tolerance

    I didn't find radiation test data (High dose report, low dose report andhe heavy ion test data) for ADA4528-EP. There exist?

    Which amplifier with these test data is equivalent?

  • RE: ADA4528-2 drive AD7172-2 + 10VDC load cell


    May I know what is your load cell's sensitivity? What is your target gain and target resolution? ADA4528-2 is suitable for driving AD7172, however for a 10V excitation voltage a ratio metric configuration is not possible as the AD7172 can only accept…

  • ADA4528 Zero Drift Amplifier

    What is a zero-drift amplifier?


    A zero-drift amplifier is an amplifier with offset voltage drift close to zero.
    It continuously self-corrects for any dc errors, achieving ultralow level of
    offset voltage and drift due to time and temperature…
  • RE: 关于ADA4528-2的供电问题

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