• ADA4528, is there 16V version of this?

    I was impressed with the spec of ADA4528-2

    I'm seeking 16V version of this device (autozero is optional). It need to be low bias current (similar to ADA4528).

    If not available, are u designing it for 16V or 12V (actually on +/-5V)?, if so do you…

  • Why does ADA4528-2 have twice as much noise as OPA2188 in our circuit?

    According to the data sheets OPA2188 has more than twice the noise as ADA4528-2. But the test results are just the opposite. ADA4528-2 may have more current noise. But the calculated current noise cannot explain what observed.

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  • ADA4528

    I am experimenting with using the ADA4528 to boost the signal from a load cell. Below is my circuit for the positive signal pin of the load cell. The negative circuit is the same, and the ground connection shown is not ground, but the common connection…

  • RE: AD797 vs. ADA4528-1 (AD7177-2)

    Hi Moritz,

    I would recommend the ADA4528-2. Aside that this is newer compared to AD797, it uses a chopping architecture to achieve excellent DC spec performance: ultralow offset voltage, no 1/f noise, ultralow drift over time and temperature. This makes…

  • ADA4528

    前端电路用ADA4528 参考电路,只是把AD7791换成了AD7794,前端ADA4528放大的信号很不稳定、求工程师解答

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  • RE: AD8231 op-amp bandwidth and part number


    Which op amp?  The OP281 rev D, page 3 d.s. says 95 kHz gbw on 3V??

    The tool will let you pick other op amps.  But if the op amp won't work, it won't let you

    pick it.   Try the ADA4666-2, ADA4528-2, ADA4528-1, ADA4691-2.  All are less than

    5 years…

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