• ADA4528-2 driving current


    I'm using ADA45-28-2 opamp as an unity-gain buffer to drive a sensor bridge. so it's very important to me that the output of ADA4528-2 doesn't change with the load current change.

    (in my case the load is resistive and current changes slightly…

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  • Why does ADA4528-2 have twice as much noise as OPA2188 in our circuit?

    According to the data sheets OPA2188 has more than twice the noise as ADA4528-2. But the test results are just the opposite. ADA4528-2 may have more current noise. But the calculated current noise cannot explain what observed.

  • ADA4528-2 drive AD7172-2 + 10VDC load cell

    My question is if It´s possible to connect a load cell (+10VDC supply) with zero drift amplifier ADA4528-2 (+5VDC supply) for driving diferential input of AD7172-2 AD converter.

    You can see the schematic attached.


  • RE: LTspice ADA4528-2 time vs frequency, response conflict

    Hi  mohammadsdtmnd,

    Yes, that's correct.

    I eliminated the 1/2 of circuit connected to the non-inverting input of ADA4528-2. That portion has no effect on the Loop Gain or Phase Margin and won't affect stability at all because it is not involved with…

  • RE: AD797 vs. ADA4528-1 (AD7177-2)

    Hi Moritz,

    I would recommend the ADA4528-2. Aside that this is newer compared to AD797, it uses a chopping architecture to achieve excellent DC spec performance: ultralow offset voltage, no 1/f noise, ultralow drift over time and temperature. This makes…

  • ADA4528: Precision Current Meter Using ADA4528

    Precision Current Meter Using ADA4528 by PatNoonan@NI

    Working with a user on this and thought this might be beneficial to the masses.

    Multisim simulation circuit attached.

    Note: User can adjust potentiometer while simulating to see current / Vout change…

  • ADA4528 oscillation


             I'm using a ADA4528-2 as a non-inverting buffer (single sided, 5V). I'm seeing a 200mV Pk-Pk 120kHz oscillation when a constant DC voltage is applied to the +IN pin. My initial circuit contained a 47 ohm resistor to isolate the circuit from any…

  • RE: ADA4528-2ACPZ exposed pad

    Hi Vic,

    Have you tried isolating the ADA4528-2 on its own to see whether you get the same response? Let me know how this works out.



  • ADA4528

    前端电路用ADA4528 参考电路,只是把AD7791换成了AD7794,前端ADA4528放大的信号很不稳定、求工程师解答