• problems using the ADA4528-1

    I am trying to use the ADA4528-1 in my design.

    But I can not figure out the output current capacity of the ADA4528-1, the load is about 25ohm, so I don't know the voltage swing it can output.

    There is short current in the datasheet and two graphs…

  • RE: Low noise amplifier


    Thank you for your interest in ADI products. I believe ADA4528-1 could be a good candidate for your application. ADA4528-1 is a single, precision, ultralow noise, rail-to-rail input/output, zero-drift operational amplifier. It has at typical offset…

  • Using ADA4528-1 as a voltage tracker

    I want to use the ADA4528-1 as a voltage tracker. The input signal is a DC value, can I input the signal to the inverting input and connect the output and the non-inverting input directly to realize a voltage tracker? Because I don't want to using resistors…

  • ADA4528-1 as an ADC Reference Buffer

    Can the ADA4528-1 handle large capacitive loads ( > 4.7µF) and drive the reference of a high precision sigma-delta like the AD7173-8?

    I do not want to add source resistance between the output of the amp and the input of the reference of the ADC.  Will…

  • ADA4528-1's input capacitance


    In datasheet, I find ADA4528-1 has very large input capacitance up to 20pF.

    In my application, the input signal is squarewave biased on 2.5V DC, source impedance is (1k ohm//200pF cable capacitor). With oscilloscope, I find obvious phase jitter…

  • ADA4528

    I am experimenting with using the ADA4528 to boost the signal from a load cell. Below is my circuit for the positive signal pin of the load cell. The negative circuit is the same, and the ground connection shown is not ground, but the common connection…

  • ADA4528

    前端电路用ADA4528 参考电路,只是把AD7791换成了AD7794,前端ADA4528放大的信号很不稳定、求工程师解答

  • RE: aduc7061

    Hi abcdoaabc,

    The ADA4051-2 does have low Vos, Vos drift and lower power consumption of 20uA. But, note that the voltage noise density of the part is about 16x higher than the ADA4528-1. This trade-off is expected for a low power amplifier.

    The higher…

  • RE: AD797 vs. ADA4528-1 (AD7177-2)

    Hi Moritz,

    I would recommend the ADA4528-2. Aside that this is newer compared to AD797, it uses a chopping architecture to achieve excellent DC spec performance: ultralow offset voltage, no 1/f noise, ultralow drift over time and temperature. This makes…