• ADA4528-1 as an ADC Reference Buffer

    Can the ADA4528-1 handle large capacitive loads ( > 4.7µF) and drive the reference of a high precision sigma-delta like the AD7173-8?

    I do not want to add source resistance between the output of the amp and the input of the reference of the ADC.  Will…

  • problems using the ADA4528-1

    I am trying to use the ADA4528-1 in my design.

    But I can not figure out the output current capacity of the ADA4528-1, the load is about 25ohm, so I don't know the voltage swing it can output.

    There is short current in the datasheet and two graphs…

  • ADA4528-1 - 8-lead LFCSP footprint (solder paste)


    I've downloaded the .BXL file for the ADA4528-1ACPZ 8-lead LFCSP package, but I notice that it does not have any solder paste applied to the exposed pad.  Is no paste on the exposed pad generally recommended for this part? 

    The datasheet states…

  • ADA4528-1's input capacitance


    In datasheet, I find ADA4528-1 has very large input capacitance up to 20pF.

    In my application, the input signal is squarewave biased on 2.5V DC, source impedance is (1k ohm//200pF cable capacitor). With oscilloscope, I find obvious phase jitter…

  • AD8628 vs ADA4528-1 Output Current Capability


    Looking at Figure 11 (Ouput Voltage to Supply Rail vs. Load Current) of the AD8628 datasheet it can be seen that you can get up to 10 mA at the expense of about 400mV drop from the supply rail.

    From Figure 15 of ADA4528-1 it seems that you can get…

  • Using ADA4528-1 as a voltage tracker

    I want to use the ADA4528-1 as a voltage tracker. The input signal is a DC value, can I input the signal to the inverting input and connect the output and the non-inverting input directly to realize a voltage tracker? Because I don't want to using resistors…

  • Lowest noise zero-drift amplifier ADA4528-1 from Analog Devices

    Hello Everyone,

    In case you haven’t heard, ADI just recently released the world’s lowest noise zero-drift opamp. As you know, auto-zero amplifiers or choppers traditionally have high broadband noise due to the level of digital circuitry integrated…

  • AD797 vs. ADA4528-1 (AD7177-2)

    Hello everyone! This is my first post so excuse me when i am wrong but:

    Which one of those op amps is adviseable as frontend to an adc (may be the ad7177-2)

    i would like to build a strain gauge based scale and thus need a adc that gives 2000 S/s while…

  • RE: Feedback Gain Loss of Transimpedance Amplifier using ADA4528-1

    Hi, Yaoxing Hu.

    Thank you for using ADA4528. To answer your questions:

    1. The output voltage will really change as you change the value of the feedback resistor. See the formula on figure 2 in the CN0363.

    2. The compensation capacitor is used to improve…

  • ADA4528: Precision Current Meter Using ADA4528

    Precision Current Meter Using ADA4528 by PatNoonan@NI

    Working with a user on this and thought this might be beneficial to the masses.

    Multisim simulation circuit attached.

    Note: User can adjust potentiometer while simulating to see current / Vout change…