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    推荐ADA4522-2, 直流性能非常好。

  • RE: ADA4522 clamp circuit and

    Hi Karel,

    With regards to your questions, here's my answer for you.

    1. Yes, this configuration will not damage the device but it will increase the offset voltage due to the imbalance source impedance of the ADA4522.

    2. Can you elaborate what are…

  • What is the Common mode voltage range of ADA4522-2 ?


    I would like to know the common mode voltage range of ADA4522-2. I am using this as a buffer. The supply voltage to the Op-Amp is ±5 V and my input would be near to 5V( assume 4.9V). What can be my possible output value.?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • RE: Offset Voltage adjustment for OP177

    Thanks Harry,

    Good advice. I will know the temperature problem to our customer.

    Does Autozero-AMP means current Zero-drift AMP?

    I will recommend your ADA4522-2 to our customer if so.

    Thanks Kaos

  • RE: Requirement is to measure 50nV to 1V.Suggest ADC?

    Hi, Muthu.

    We have recommended drivers for AD7177-2. Please see ADA4528-2 and ADA4522-2. You can also use our evaluation board as your reference circuit. Please see attached schematic.



  • RE: 高精度小信号放大电路

    ADA4522资料中的Figure 81,配合ADC,可以用来搭建仪表放大器,其中ADA4522负责放大,ADC负责减法器。如果但从噪声角度而言,ADA4522的噪声性能要优于AD8422. AD8422的优点是CMRR高,带输入过压保护。孰优孰劣,得测了才知道。给您提供两种方案,一是AD8422 + AD8476 + AD7177,二是ADA4522/ADA4528 + AD7177.

  • ADA4522 Drift

    Is there any details of the long term drift/aging of this component

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