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  • ADA4522-1/ADA4522-2 huge offset voltage


    I want to use 1 ADA4522-2 or 2 ADA4522-1 as unity gain buffer for 30V and 48V. To test the ADA4522-1 I created a minimal setup (see attached schematic). While I have 25.1491V on +IN, I get 25.1848V on -IN. That means an offset of 35.7mV. In the datasheet…

  • 关于ADA4522-2的外接电阻






  • RE: About ADA4522-2 scope of input signal voltage

    Hi seekyong,

    The ADA4522-2 input voltage range does not extend all the way up to V+ (5V). With +/-5V supplies, the inputs can swing from -5V to +3.5V only (1.5V below V+).

    If you want to swing all the way up to V+, you'd have to select a different device…

  • What is the Common mode voltage range of ADA4522-2 ?


    I would like to know the common mode voltage range of ADA4522-2. I am using this as a buffer. The supply voltage to the Op-Amp is ±5 V and my input would be near to 5V( assume 4.9V). What can be my possible output value.?

    Thanks in advance.

  • How do I determine the appropriate amount of compensation capacitance using the ADA4522-2 and the AD5556?

  • ADA4522-2作为电压跟随器使用,怎么输入电压小于3.6mv的时候,输出是3.6mv,只有输入电压高于3.6mv的时候,现象才对?


  • ADA4522无法放大小于0.1mv的信号么?


  • RE: ADA4522 work for ref voltage

    Hi Kent,

    It seems that in your circuit, you're using way too high input resistance for the ADA4522-2. According to page 30 of the datasheet, when the ADA4522-2 is configured in a unity gain configuration with a large source resistance, the amplifier output…

  • RE: ADA4522 Drift

    Hello Emman,

    For one of my project (designing a low drift voltage source), I have the same question as Ben.

    I know that this post is pretty old, however, have you published the results of the characterization of the long term drift of the ADA4522 ? Would…