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  • Instability of the output signal ADA4522-2

    Hi! I'm using the ADA4522-2 as a differential op-amp. According to the tests and simulation results in LTspice, the output differential voltage is approximately 24V. If you use a different operational amplifier, for example, OP2177, this problem disappears…

  • RE: ADA4522-4 seems not work well

    Hi the ADA4522-4 has an input range of 0 to 3.5V on a 5 volt supply, which explains what you are seeing for the LTspice simulation.  Even if you keep your input range between 0 and 3.5V, peaking of the filter stages may make the output voltage between…

  • ADA4522-4 in a severe EMC environment

    I have an EMC client using chains of ADA4522 op amps. The input sweeps from 20 KHz to 300 KHz. Sometimes the outputs become slew rate limited. I am concerned the ADA4522 is susceptible to large signal triangle waveform harmonic products causing aliasing…

  • ADA4522 voltage follower config with dual supplies

    using an ADA4522 (dual pack) for a buffer/inverter setup.  so, one of theamps setup as typical volt follower, the other a inverting amp.  BOth are driven from an AD8221.

    The AD8221 is outputting a 20KHz sine biased at 2V.  Vpp on sine = 2V...

    When I sweep…

  • 关于ADA4522-2的外接电阻






  • RE: What is the Common mode voltage range of ADA4522-2 ?

    Hi Emman and Harry,

    I was currently doing the testing of the constant current source when i came across a problem which i am not able to figure out why it is happening. Please help me out. 


    In a buffer circuit the input voltage is measured across…

  • RE: About ADA4522-2 scope of input signal voltage

    Hi seekyong,

    The ADA4522-2 input voltage range does not extend all the way up to V+ (5V). With +/-5V supplies, the inputs can swing from -5V to +3.5V only (1.5V below V+).

    If you want to swing all the way up to V+, you'd have to select a different device…

  • ADA4522 what happens when it is used with high input resistance?

    Datasheet of ADA4522 recommends using it with low input resistances (<200 ohm) for unity gain applications. Otherwise its output goes to one rail. ( and stays there?)

    If not there is a recommendation for using workarounds.

    One is inserting high enough…

  • ADA4522无法放大小于0.1mv的信号么?