• ADA4522


    I want to use the ADA4522 as follows:

    - Positive power supply connected to ground.

    - Negative power supply connected to -50V.

    Will it will work?


  • ADA4522 dual supply voltage follower issues

    using a ADA4522-2 .

    +/-12VDC supplies

    sweeping system to test 3dB BW/

    signal into the ADA4522 (each config) ~ 1Vpp at 255KHz (see the blue in pic).

    output of invertcxonfig looks good.

    output of volt follower looks 'oscillatory/slewed.

    not sure why…

  • RE: ADA4522 feedback resistance

    Hi seekyong,

    When you ask about "increasing the ADA4522 feedback resistance", are you concerned about output current or output voltage swing with your lowest feedack (i.e. 2.94kohm)?
    I think you won't have any issues with such values as Figure…

  • ADA4522无法放大小于0.1mv的信号么?


  • ADA4522 internal oscillator


    My customers are suffering from 124MHz and 63MHz unwanted radiation appearing on the board.
    My customers are exhaustively checking the device's internal oscillator on the board.
    If you have any material that reassures my customers about the ADA4522…
  • ADA4522-4 in a severe EMC environment

    I have an EMC client using chains of ADA4522 op amps. The input sweeps from 20 KHz to 300 KHz. Sometimes the outputs become slew rate limited. I am concerned the ADA4522 is susceptible to large signal triangle waveform harmonic products causing aliasing…

  • ADA4522 voltage follower config with dual supplies

    using an ADA4522 (dual pack) for a buffer/inverter setup.  so, one of theamps setup as typical volt follower, the other a inverting amp.  BOth are driven from an AD8221.

    The AD8221 is outputting a 20KHz sine biased at 2V.  Vpp on sine = 2V...

    When I sweep…

  • ADA4522-4 CMRR, PSRR


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. Our customer would start evaluation of ADA4522-4 and give us a question. According to D/S of ADA4522, CMRR and PSRR in Table 2 and Table 3 are higher than Figure 30 (CMRR), Figure 33(PSRR).  We don't understand the reason. Could…

  • RE: About ADA4522-2 scope of input signal voltage

    Hi seekyong,

    The ADA4522-2 input voltage range does not extend all the way up to V+ (5V). With +/-5V supplies, the inputs can swing from -5V to +3.5V only (1.5V below V+).

    If you want to swing all the way up to V+, you'd have to select a different device…

  • RE: LTC6363-1 replacement LTC6363-1 replacement LTC6363-1 replacement

    Hi Mamzi,

    Have you checked on our authorized distributors? What package do you need?

    You can check Analog Devices' parametric search for single-ended to fully differential amplifiers

    Single-Ended to Differential Amplifiers Fixed Gain Selection