• ADA4522 internal oscillator


    My customers are suffering from 124MHz and 63MHz unwanted radiation appearing on the board.
    My customers are exhaustively checking the device's internal oscillator on the board.
    If you have any material that reassures my customers about the ADA4522…
  • ADA4522-4 CMRR, PSRR


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. Our customer would start evaluation of ADA4522-4 and give us a question. According to D/S of ADA4522, CMRR and PSRR in Table 2 and Table 3 are higher than Figure 30 (CMRR), Figure 33(PSRR).  We don't understand the reason. Could…

  • ADA4522发热




  • ADA4522 CMRR spec

    In the datasheet rev D, CMRR is specified as 155dB typical @ 5V and 160dB for 30V operation, yet figure 30 shows it to be only 110dB from 10Hz to 100Hz, declining thereafter. Presumably the graph is in error?

    Is CMRR normally specified at DC?

  • RE: ADA4522 feedback resistance

    Hi seekyong,

    When you ask about "increasing the ADA4522 feedback resistance", are you concerned about output current or output voltage swing with your lowest feedack (i.e. 2.94kohm)?
    I think you won't have any issues with such values as Figure…

  • ADA4522 work for ref voltage


    Now we use ADA4522 OP Amp and LM385-2.5 ref voltage to make 0.9 reference voltage, work voltage is +/-5V. Now the question is that, sometimes output 0.9V, sometimes output 4.9V when power up. So I use LT1366 to replace it, output always is 0.9V each…

  • ADA4522 IVR (input voltage range) ?

    The data sheet for this device indicates a IVR 0V to 28.5V for  Power supply = 30V

    is IVR the max voltage for proper signal ampification?

    i.e. if Vin = 28.5V, for gain = 1 then Vout = 28.5V?

    Please clarify

    Thank you

    Fausto Bartra

  • ADA4522 dual supply voltage follower issues

    using a ADA4522-2 .

    +/-12VDC supplies

    sweeping system to test 3dB BW/

    signal into the ADA4522 (each config) ~ 1Vpp at 255KHz (see the blue in pic).

    output of invertcxonfig looks good.

    output of volt follower looks 'oscillatory/slewed.

    not sure why…

  • Instability of the output signal ADA4522-2

    Hi! I'm using the ADA4522-2 as a differential op-amp. According to the tests and simulation results in LTspice, the output differential voltage is approximately 24V. If you use a different operational amplifier, for example, OP2177, this problem disappears…

  • recommended bypass capacitor value for ada4522

    What are the recommended bypass capacitor values for the ADA4522.

    The only thing I see anywhere is 0.1u, located "close" to the power supply pins.

    Is this adequate or would additional capacitors (2.2u, 10u...) improve performance.