• ADA4522-1/ADA4522-2 huge offset voltage


    I want to use 1 ADA4522-2 or 2 ADA4522-1 as unity gain buffer for 30V and 48V. To test the ADA4522-1 I created a minimal setup (see attached schematic). While I have 25.1491V on +IN, I get 25.1848V on -IN. That means an offset of 35.7mV. In the datasheet…

  • ADA4522 1/f noise?


    The datasheet of ADA4522 shows the measured voltage noise density for only  > 10 Hz frequency region.

    I was measured the power spectral density (square of voltage noise density) in the 0.001-32 Hz range.

    The result is shown at the attached figure…

  • ADA4522-1 in differential (non-inverting) integrator configuration (railing)

    I have a question regarding the "railing issue" of the ADA4522-1.
    I want to use this opamp as a DC servo for a TIA, see below.

    As mentioned in the datasheet on page 30 the opamp may rail to V+ if the source resistance at the non-inverting…

  • RE: OpAmp (ADA4522) heating issue


    Just a couple of questions about your setup:

    1. When you configured the ADA4522 in a voltage follower, is there a feedback resistor?

    2. Is there a source resistance or input resistance connected to the non-inverting input? If so, what's the value…

  • RE: ADA4522 feedback resistor

    Hi seekyong,

    According to this EZ thread by dcruz, "The condition that could avoid this latch up condition is by using a power supply that has a high slew rate. Generally, a power supply that has a slew rate of 0.5V/ms or faster could avoid this…

  • ADA4522 clamp circuit and

    I have two questions about ADA4522

    1. For sure.  Amplifier have input EMI filter and clamp circuit with limit the input current to ±10 mA

    Should not be a problem with the situation shown in Figure?


    2. ADA4522 have Input Bias Current 50 -150pA,…

  • RE: using ADA4522 as instrumentation amplifier

    Hello NitinKAjay,

    Here is the ADA4522-1 configured per datasheet Fig. 82 as an Instrumentation Amplifier and the model / simulation does seem to work fine:

    The gain of 41 V/V (= 1+ 10kohm / (500ohm) /2 ) matches the expected value.

    Here is the simulation…

  • ADA4522


    I want to use the ADA4522 as follows:

    - Positive power supply connected to ground.

    - Negative power supply connected to -50V.

    Will it will work?


  • RE: ADA4522 Spice model Input Bias Current Too high


    Select in the LTspice library, ADA4522-1 model and add its symbol on your test circuit.

    If you opt to use the one in the web, download the cir file. To easily use it and associate it in a symbol without problems, add "opamp2" symbol from the library…

  • RE: ADA4522-4 apparent crosstalk and short-circuit input


    In the ADA4522 datasheet, there is a guideline about using a large source impedance for the IC. Could you try lowering the 330k sense resistor first? See if this would fix the problem.

    Using a new ADA4522-1 for channel D could also isolate the problem…