• RE: VFB as a voltage reference

    If you divide down the Vdd/2, then the comparator is isolated, so shouldn't be a problem.

    The ADA4505 does NOT have 40 mA drive;  that is short circuit current.  See fig 22.


  • ADA4505 & AD8500 noise density vs frequency


    Can you share the raw data of AD8500 and ADA4505 voltage noise density vs frequency chart?

    (Figure 24 of AD8500 datasheet and Figure 36 of ADA4505 datahseet)

    I'm building front end circiut using those parts and need those data for computing RMS…

  • ADA4505 - Minimum output series resistor

    For op-amp type AD4505 what is the minimum output series resistor value necessary to drive any output capacitance.

    The loop gain set by feed back will be low - for example unity gain follower, or DC gain of 20 and low AC gain set by a feedback capacitor…

  • RE: 签个到,送您好礼啦!(获奖名单已公布)

    广州 越秀区北较场横路 物联网 关注ADXL312和ADA4505

  • RE: 关于AD8210电源电压选择的问题


  • RE: CN0234

    Hello TonyF

    Actually, you don't need to pay attention to the -200mV, -300mV bias. See the figure 2 on CN0234 circuit note, the 1st OPAMP on the left side is able to drive the Counter electrode in the range of +/-1V. Cause ADA4505 is a rail-to-rail input…

  • RE: AD8500/AD8539/ADA4051 Input resistance

    Hi Kimwin,

    Some amplifiers are specified according to their lead application and at times a certain parameter is considered not necessary to give typical numbers.

    Input common mode resistance is the resistance between the input terminals when either the…

  • RE: Which op-amps come as standard in WLCSP 6-BALL



      WLCSP is the same size as the die.  The only three op amps we have in 6 ld are:

    AD8505, ADA4505-1 and ADA4800.  WLCSP is much better for us, and for you, because

    we can high speed test more parameters than wafer probing.  What kind of specs do…

  • RE: Unity buffer low noise. Sub 1 kHz

    Hi, Bro-brown.

    Can you please check the part number because AD6828 is not included in the ADI amplifier portfolio. On the other hand, you can use ADA4505-4 or AD8508 which are low noise RRIO Quad Op Amps with zero input crossover distortion and have…

  • RE: High Input Impedance op amp

    Hi Qian,

    Apologies for the delay of response. We have a lot of amplifiers that has a very large input impedance in our portfolio. To see this, you can go to this link - click the choose parameter and Enable the (Rin  Typical) on the filter options by…