• Input Voltage Range of ADA4433-1W.


    I have some questions about ADA4433-1W.

    Question 1.
    I think minus voltage level can not input to Vin+, Vin-.
    Is this right?

    Question 2.
    On datasheet P.4, there are following descriptions:

    Input Common-Mode Voltage Rang…

  • ADV7390/1 with the video in double image

    Dear FAE

          When using the ADV7390/1 in the 360 surround view application, I.Max6+ADV7390+ADA4433-1 with the CVBS output. But showing in the LCD , found the the video is in double image.

           Having checked the video source, it is OK.

           Cloud you help to…

  • Full-HD Composite Video Filter Driver


    My customer has been looking for Full-HD Composite Video Filter Driver.
    For example, the competitor is "TPF140".


    Does ADI have any Full-HD video driver/filter like "TPF140"?…

  • Require Baking condition

    Can you please share the baking condition for the below mentioned parts.

    Item MFG Part Part Description
    1 ADP3300ARTZ-3-RL7 IC REG LDO 3V 50MA SOT23-6
    2 ADA4412-3ARQZ IC FILTER…
  • Diagnostic Technique Detects Open and Short Circuits in Wiring Harnesses

    Did you know that the wiring harness in most modern automobiles is the second most costly item, first only by the powertrain?  Diagnosing cable faults in automotive applications then becomes a very important function to help reduce cost and save time…

  • RE: .file_attr 1="1";

    Hi Gideon,

    I moved this thread to the "CrossCore Embedded Studio and Add-ins" forum as it appears a tools related issue.

    I suspect that one of the automatic file attributes is being replaced by a macro define in the compiler generated assembly…

  • RE: (Video decoder)Full differential connect

    1) In the figures above, ignore all the components past the 1.3KOhm resistor.  They have very little affect on the impedance calculation.

    1a) Figure 45.  Keep in mind the ADA4433 has a 2x gain.  If you are using the ADV4433 then follow the data sheet Figure…

  • LTC5588-1 for 5G application

    Good day,

               Does LTC5588-1 or ADL5375 is suitable for 5G design?

  • Composite amplifier using ADA4637-1 and ADA4870-1

    I want to build a composite amplifier using the Figure 77 of the datasheet ADA4870-1. It says that the voltage offset is less than 500 uV. I simulate this circuit using LTSpice, when driving ada4637-1 with 0V and monitor the output of ADA4870-1, it is…

  • ADA4310-1, 4311-1 with sloped PD0, PD1

    When using 4310-1 or 4311-1, with PD0 and PD1 pins taking values between 0V and whatever is considered logic high, does the amplifier behave reasonably? By that does it behave without going unstable or draining excessive current or requiring excessive…