• ADA4433-1

    SPICE model of ADA4433-1 seems to be wrong.  I imported the model into LTSpice17 and also into ADISimp.  Auto-generated symbol in both.  Then applied a 1Vpp input with DC bias of 500mV at IN+ and IN- (of course in opposite phase).  Powered the part with 3…

  • RE: Setting of ADA4433-1

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  • RE: (ADA4433-1) To connect ADA4433-1 to ADI Video decodor

    Hi Kawa,

    Do you mean that our customer don't need to do AC coupling between CVBS source and ADA4433-1 if GND is same?

    What I meant here is if the output of the CVBS has known DC level is ground referenced like on the Figure 53 in the datasheet which…

  • RE: ADA4433 - Video Amplifier (On Evaluation Board)

    Hi Lok,

         1) Yes it is correct. With the ADA4433-1 and ADA4830-1 boards connected together the output on each leg of the ADA4433-1 will be 0.5Vp-p.

         2) You are violating the input common-mode voltage range of the ADA4433-1 which is 0V to 2.2V. Your input…

  • Differential video transmission with ADA4433-1 and ADA4830-1


    Thanks for providing the spice model of both ADA4433-1 and the ADA4830(-1).

    I'm trying to design a DC coupled differential transmission system using the ADA4433-1 and the ADA4830.

    The overall gain from input (ADA4433-1) to output (ADA4830…

  • ADA4433 short Output to GND

    Hi ADI Expert,

    Can I short ADA4433's output to GND as single-end output?

    As ADA4433 has current limit protection, but will ADA4433 be damaged if connect Out- to GND continuously?

    Thanks very much!


  • ADA4433

    Hello Sir/Madam,

    I am approaching this forum, because I would like to have some more information regarding the functionality of ADA4433 Video Filter and Amplifier.

    1. The datasheet, page 15-16, mentions that the IC has a short to ground protection feature…

  • RE: ADV7391 High Drive Compensation Pin Connection

    Dear Joseph

    Please find the below link for ADA4432-1/ADA4433-1 component datasheet.


    Please refer to figure 53 which uses ADV7391 component, in which COMP pin is connected…

  • (ADV7282AM)CVBS-diff lock problem.

    Hi !

    Our customer have some trouble at their ADV7282AM system.

    They are not using ADI EVAL board. They are using their own PCB board.

    But the script is 100% same as ADI recommend script.

    We are trying to connect customers video source to ADI EVAL…

  • ada4433 swap differential output?

    For PCB routing reasons, I would like to swap the + and - output from ada4433.  Any problem with swapping the +IN and -IN signals to swap the outputs?  The first picture below shows the drive circuit from datasheet, the second show my suggested swapping…