• RE: What are the tresholds for the ADA4431-1 "load detect" function ?


    In video load condition, ADA4431-1 power up from 0.1 mA to 4.7 mA.

    Have you referred the ADA4431-1 product page,whether threshold range has provided for load detect function at www.analog.com/.../ada4431-1.html



  • RE: Setting of ADA4433-1


    Please refer to Figure 55 on page 22 of the ADA4433-1 datasheet. This figure illustrates how to connect the ADA4431-1 to a differential input and how to convert the differential output of the ADA4431 into single ended using the ADA4830.


  • ADA4431-1 Negative Sync Level


    Doing some final checks on the negative sync level of the ADA4431-1 in our circuit, attached as shown.  With a 75 ohm resistive load on the output, the sync level is -180mV, and not near -300mV.  I am unsure why and am looking for help.  With the load…

  • RE: ADV7391 Hsync not reaching zero volts

    The ADA4431 cannot drive the output to -300mV, it's power rails are only 0 - 3.3V.  Normally the sink will be AC coupled so this positive offset will not matter.  You can AC couple the ADA4431 output and adjust it so 0V line matches ground level.

  • RE: ADV7391 / câble detection not working


    No, we have only our custom board.

    I see two differents things between our diagram and the exemples given :
    1) it seems that, when using filter (like ADA4431), the ADV is allways configured in Low-Drive mode with RSET = 4.12 kohm.
    2) the DAC2 is never…

  • ADV7393 DAC auto power down

    Hi all,

    We are using ADV7393 in one of our designs .We are operating ADV7393 at low drive mode with ADA4431 as a output filter.

    Currently we are looking into power management of ADV7393. I have couple of questions regarding this .

    • According to the…
  • RE: DC Offset on ADV7341 video output

    Hello Anthony,

    The ADV7341 is a  Multiformat Video Encoder (DAC), it converts a digital video stream to analogue format. The offset observed is at pin 44 and 43 at the analogue output of the DAC. The sync tip should be at 0V and the black level at 300mV…

  • RE: .file_attr 1="1";

    Hi Gideon,

    I moved this thread to the "CrossCore Embedded Studio and Add-ins" forum as it appears a tools related issue.

    I suspect that one of the automatic file attributes is being replaced by a macro define in the compiler generated assembly…

  • LTC5588-1 for 5G application

    Good day,

               Does LTC5588-1 or ADL5375 is suitable for 5G design?

  • Composite amplifier using ADA4637-1 and ADA4870-1

    I want to build a composite amplifier using the Figure 77 of the datasheet ADA4870-1. It says that the voltage offset is less than 500 uV. I simulate this circuit using LTSpice, when driving ada4637-1 with 0V and monitor the output of ADA4870-1, it is…