• ADA4430-1

    Can I use the ADA4430-1 device as a input video filter before digitizing the signal with an ADC? We're not sure of the video signal quality.



  • RE: ADV7341 output filters

    ADA4430 is a high impedance input so you can double down on the output buffers as long as you keep the DAC load the same.

    DAC4 --> Rload ------> ADA4430 --> output 1

                              ! --> ADA4430 --> output 2

    Unfortunately we don't have an equivalent…

  • AD9705 DAC Failure


    I'm currently using the AD9705 in conjunction with the ADA4430-1 for a video design project. The design works. However, After a few months of field trial , several units came back without video. I measured all the signals going into the DAC and they…

  • RE: Video out from AD7341


    For a composite video amplifier with a shutdown feature the ADA4430-1 and the
    ADA4432-1 are good options.




  • RE: adv 7343 help


    That section of the data sheet has a suggested op-amp. The eval board used the ADA4430-1.


  • Analog Video Buffer ADA4430-1 Issue

    We are facing some issues while using Video Buffer ADA4430-1 with ADV7391 Video Encoder.
    We are seeing a Faint Vertical Lines on the display with ADA4430-1 as shown in the picture below. And these lines are prominent for…
  • ADV7182 - ADA4430


    I use ADV7193 video encoder with ADA4430. ADA4430 output is connected to ADV7182. I generate color bar with ADV7391 and capture it with ADV7182. ADA4430 output is circutry is designed as shown in the datasheet (http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical…

  • ADV7393 & ADA4430-1 to generate CVBS  video outputs


    I am using ADV7393 & ADA4430-1 to generate CVBS  video outputs . I want two CVBS  video outputs for two different monitor. Can I tap the two inputs of ADA4430-1s from DAC1 of ADV7393 OR is it possible two use DAC1 and DAC2 for two CVBS video format…

  • RE: ADV7390/1 with the video in double image

    Thanks ! i will test the image again as your suggestion.

      And There is an filter with ADA4430-1 as the filter after the ADV7391. When testing, remove the filter or not, found the image withno any  improvement.

      the display can accept the NTSC signal…

  • ADV7390 Full Drive Mode

    I was reading over the ADV7390 and I was wanting to drive 4 outputs so I was considering parallelling 4 of the ADA4430.  But I saw the comment about running the ADV7390's DAC in "Full Drive" as being recommended.

    Why? I could not find any…