• ADP2127: Recommended footprint for 6-Pad Embedded Wafer Level Package [EWLP] (CN-6-1)


    Is there any recommended footprint from Analog Devices which I could use to generate footprint (in PADS Layout) for ADP2127ACNZ1.260R7 (6-Pad Embedded Wafer Level Package [EWLP], CN-6-1 package)?




  • A replacement for HMC625 (0.5 dB LSB GaAs MMIC 6-BIT DIGITAL VARIABLE GAIN AMPLIFIER, DC - 6 GHz)


    Can anyone recommend a good replacement for this chip? I can accept layout changes, I just want similar performance.


    I'd welcome pushing the upper frequency up to 7GHz or higher…

  • How to connect the WDT pin of ltc3300 balanced 6 batteries

    Hi Sir/Mdm,

    I want to use ltc3300 to balance 6 batteries. How to connect WDT pins?

    I've read the datasheet and the reference circuit, but that's balancing 12 batteries.

    If only one ltc3300 is used to balance 6 batteries. Is it possible to connect…

  • RE: Regarding REF_MUX_CTRL[7:6] bitfield for Internal reference on EVAL-AD7779FMCZ(AD7779)


    Apologies for missing this item. But to answer this query. You can use either of the two settings. The figure 98 you mentioned, is a suggested way to connect the internal reference to the external reference's input (but remember to configure the ADC…

  • Is the LT8316 compliant with energy efficiency level 6?


    I want to use LT8316.

    I'm considering it for an AC adapter,
    I am wondering if it is a product that can meet energy efficiency level 6.

    The rules are as follows,
    Is the LT8316 Level 6 compliant?


    Best Regards,


  • LTC1569-6

    I use LTC1569-6 with external clock. But periodically, I want to stop external clock and set at pin DIV/CLK "0" signal from microcontroller. Is it correct?
    As I understand, in this case the DC offset will increase. Will this DC offset be stable…

  • ADA4420-6

    I am looking for a video filter IC for VGA 1280x1024 @ 60 Hz signal, can i use ADA4420-6 IC for this application, please let me know

  • ADA6610-6 OUPUT

    I'm considering adoption of "ADA4410-6".
    How should I do the output terminal which isn't used?
    Is it OPEN? Is it terminated 75 Ω?
    If there are more good ways, please tell me.

  • AD9371 Questions 6


    I am testing the AD9371 Rx path using the ADRV9371-W/PCBZ EVB.

    I am using the Xilinx, HW-Z7-ZC706 Rev: B evaluation platform and the TES software to control the EVB.

    Rx Profile:  100MHz, IQRate=153.6MHz, Dec5
    The Rx PLL frequency is 3410MHz. The…