• ADA4350: SPICE model


    I have a question about SPICE model of ADA4350.

    ADIsimPE has the limitation in the number of analog nodes.

    The SPICE model Is it possible to simulate within the limits of analog node of ADIsimPE (SIMetrix Personal Edition)?

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    I am looking for a circuit or a chip which can amplifier the ultra low current generated by a small capacitor and meanwhile transfer the current signal to voltage signal .Now I have seen the ADA4350 Data sheet,however, I am not sure if it is compatible…

  • problem loading ADA4350 model

    I am trying to do a simulation in ADIsimPE with ADA4350 and am having some problems. 

    What I have done:

    1. Download ADA4350.cir  

    2. Drag it into the ADIsimPE welcome window to open "install or edit model" and select install. It

    shows up as 3 parts…

  • ADA4350 drive AD9650

    I'm using the ADA4350 to drive the AD9650. The front-end circuit of AD9650 is shown below. The sample rate is 20MHz.


    When I input a 100KHz sine wave to the ADA4350, The sample data is a stepped sine waves when ploted. I have another PCB of AD9650…

  • ADA4350: Spice simulation


    I have a question about the ADA4350 SPICE Model's simulation.

    I am simulating the FET amplifier in ADA4350.

    The simulation result of figure was simulated with the circuit of Figure 51.

    Vs = ±5V, Vout = 100mVp-p, G = +2, Rf = 1KΩ, Cf …

  • ADA4350 outputs a small DC voltage.



    Recently designed PCB has a ADA4350 that is connected to a AD4000. Noticed 75mVDC output at pin3 (VOUT1) once the TIA is enabled - pin 16 pulled high. From  the attached schematic, C43 and R22 are removed and R21 is replaced…

  • How do I evaluate the ADA4350?

    How do I evaluate the ADA4350?


    An evaluation system has been provided to evaluate the ADA4350. This includes
    an evaluation board with the ADA4350 configured as transimpedance amplifier
    with five different transimpedance gains. Gains…
  • Output voltage offset error using ADA4350

    I am using ADA4350 as a programmable gain AMP and a ADC driver for AD4003. However, in the simulations I found that there is a voltage offset at the FB0 pin and the SWA_OUT pin, about 18mV and 30mV respectively. What's the cause of these offsets and how…

  • charge injection spec for ADA4350

    Hi there, I have a question about ADA4350.

    This device has internal SW and I need to know the spec of charge injections.

    Do you have follwing specs?

    -Charge injection 

    -Channel input capacitance for off condition. 

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  • ADA4350供电问题


    你好!请问一下为ADA4350供电 DVDD提供3.3V  +VS提供 +5.0V ,而-VS 接地,这样的供电有没有问题.