• pin control for EVAL-ADA4255

    To Analog Devices, Inc.

    I am using ADA4255CP-EBZ(SN:2021042305881)and EVAL-SDP-CS1Z(SN:2021032503246)with nice controlabilty.

    I confirmed it to work normally for gain control.
    Next, I like to control the gain through ACE function based on “win32api”…

  • ADA4255 Gain Pins at LTSpice Model - Threshold Values


    I would like to test ADA4255 spice model.

    I see the input and output gain bits originally are shown in LTSpice as G0...G5 pins.

    What voltage value should be input there as logic "1"?

    Any thresholds?

    By the way, It would be good you…

  • ACE test ADA4255 evaluation board appeared 2 problems

    ACE software version: 1.24.3095.1398, ADA4255 plug-in version: 1.2021.272000

    In the figure above, the 5 switches shown in red circles, switch on and off any switch, the other switches also operate at the same time, as if it is the same switch, do not…

  • My ADC only requires a single-ended input, but the ADA4255 has differential outputs. Can I just take one output of the ADA4255 and provide it to the ADC?

    I am using ADA4255 as a current sensing amplifier since it can measure small differential signals over a very wide common-mode input range.

  • ADA4255的输出是否可以直接接到AD4134


  • ACE 测试ADA4255评估板时的出现的2个问题

    ACE 软件版本:1.24.3095.1398 , ADA4255插件版本:1.2021.272000

    1.ACE ADA4255插件的问题:




  • 使用ACE软件对ADA4255CP-EBZ 评估板测试时出现的两个问题






  • RE: Dual LTC6373 (in series) driving AD4134 channel

    Hi Kristine,

    I have investigated the ADA4254 (and ADA4255 & PGA280) but the 17nV/rtHz is just a little too high. It's so close but, according to our calcs, we lose a couple of bits of resolution to noise at the highest gains compared to two LT6373s.…

  • RE: AD8422与数字电位器AD7376配合使用的输出信号失真





    我更建议选择ADA4254,ADA4255,LTC6373,ADA4558 这种内部做了可编程增益的仪表放大器,参数内部可控,这样会好很多。

  • RE: High voltage variable gain instrumentation amplifier.

    Hi Kristine,

    Thank you for your quick response.  We are using the ADA4254 now; it's the only commercially available product we have been able to find, thus far, that is remotely capable of being useful in our product.  Its gain range is highly valuable…