• AD7134 with ADA4254


    My application is to create an 8 channel, synchronously-sampled data acquisition system for signals from +-5mV to +-10V synchronised to an external 40kHz sample clock (and I'm looking at ways to increase that for various performance & spec reasons…

  • RE: ada4254


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  • ADA4254 /CS pin

    On the ADA4254 the SPI low on SDO/SCK are as expected when driven by Spartan 7 FPGA with around 40KR internal pull-up. They approach GND well.

    However, /CS doesn't go below 500mV. The datasheet spec is OK to 800mV ViL but would prefer more headroom and…

  • ADA4254 Datasheet & DIE_REV_ID


    I've just started evaluating the ADA4254 device using the EVAL kit available from your store.  To make sure my SPI communications are working properly, I've been reading the DIE_REV_ID register and get back 0x30 as a result.

    According to the…

  • ADA4254 Absolute Maximum HV Input Power Supply Range

    Hi Folks,

    Would you please let me know what the absolute maximum input supply voltage range is for the ADA4254?  The spec sheet is a bit vague or opaque.  There seems to be no absolute maximum specification for VSSH.  Also, will the signal attenuation (gain…

  • AD4005 and ADA4254 with low clock frequency

    Hello everybody,

    I would like to use an AD4005 with an ADA4254. The signals of interest are below 10kHz on a single input, so there is no multiplexing required. The frontend will presumably be rather far away from the PIC, so I would like to keep the…

  • ADA4254 ESD immunity and umpowered behavior

    I'm using the ADA4254 in an application that requires IEC 61000-4-2 ESD testing, and I have the following questions:

    1.  During powered operation, is a TVS on each input sufficient to protect the device from an surge event provided that the clamping voltage…

  • ADA4254 input protection behavior on unused MUX inputs

    If protection is enabled on the ADA4254, it will open the MUX inputs if an overvoltage is detected. For example, if +IN1/-IN1 see an excessive voltage, those mux inputs will be disconnected, protecting the internal amplifier.

    However, what happens when…

  • ADA4254 clock rate for 40kHz ADC sampling (or multiples thereof) - 120/125*1MHz?


    I have evaluated the ADA4254 and I really like it's flexibility. So much so, I'm considering using multiple ADA4254s in the AFE of a system using an AD7606B clocked at 640kHz and using it's oversampling function to yield 40 or 80ksps…

  • ADA4254输入切换模块的建立时间是多少?