• ADA4177-4

    This is a simple circuit intended to replace any dual op-amp in dip 8 pkg.

    Short question is , is there any tendency on this part (ADA4177-4) to self oscillate? Probably not but wanted to ask.


    I have a new layout that is self oscillating…

  • RE: OP4177 Current Limit on Inputs

    The OP4177 is verrrrrry old;  Why not use one of the newer generation parts with built in

    over voltage protection, such as the ADA4077-4 or the ADA4177-4??


  • RE: Absolute Maximum Voltage in OP4177

    Hello Aitor,

    You could also consider more modern version of OP4177, the just-released ADA4177-4,

    ADA4177-4 datasheet and product info | OVP and EMI Protected, Precision, Low Noise and Bias Current Op Amp | High Supply…

    which includes over voltage…

  • ADA4177

    We have purchased ADA4177 IC from Element14 , QTY 1000 for company requirement.
    But frequent failure observed for same IC in our PCB where we are using IC ADA4177 (at location U3 only, though U11 is also same IC). We have done failure part analysis at…

  • ADA4177-


    Can I use the opamp ADA4177-2 in single supply operation?

    It is specified for +/- 15V.

    Can I apply 28V dc to positive supply rail V+ and ground V-

    I plan to bias the input to the chip at 14V dc.


    Sreelakshmi R

  • RE: op-amp input current with voltage on input during powerdown

    Thanks. Yes, I found the ADA4096-2 and the ADA4177-2. The ADA4177-2 has lower input bias current but the packages are larger than the ADA4096-2 in LFCSP.

    The OVP feature prevents damage in my example but I'm not sure whether operating within the OVP window…

  • RE: ADA4522 Drift

    Hi Ben,

    I would expect it to be very small since the ADA4522  is a zero drift amplifier that uses a chopper architecture which continuously self correct any dc error over time and temperature. Let me check it to the product owner if they have actual data…

  • RE: OP2177 protection diode

    Hello Kris,

    Thank you for your answer.

    We weill confirm ADA4177.



  • What power-supply considerations affect the precision of the ADA4177?

    The ADA4177 is designed to be robust when powered from a variety of power supplies. With an excellent power-supply rejection ration (PSRR) of 145dB, it can tolerate significant supply noise. When calculating the total precision of a signal path, be…