• Using The ADA4177-2 as a buffer, outputs don't exactly follow inputs


    I just took over an amplifying circuit board on which the last stage is a buffer circuit with ADA4177-2 for two signals. My problem is, there always exists a difference of 0.07V between the buffer input and output. My current input signal is around…

  • ADA4177-


    Can I use the opamp ADA4177-2 in single supply operation?

    It is specified for +/- 15V.

    Can I apply 28V dc to positive supply rail V+ and ground V-

    I plan to bias the input to the chip at 14V dc.


    Sreelakshmi R

  • RE: ADA4177-4


      Why not use an ADA4177-2 and solder it directly on the DIP?  Many people have done this.

    Any op amp will oscillate if the noise gain is low and there is capacitive loading on the output.

    The faster the op amp,  the harder to mount things on a DIP…

  • ADA4177

    We have purchased ADA4177 IC from Element14 , QTY 1000 for company requirement.
    But frequent failure observed for same IC in our PCB where we are using IC ADA4177 (at location U3 only, though U11 is also same IC). We have done failure part analysis at…

  • ADA4177-4ARZ Heating issue

    Recently, I received sample IC ADA4177-4ARZ from Analog devices. When I just given +15V and -15V supply at pin 4 and 11 respectively, without giving any input and also no output connection, the IC started heating too much. My project requires +15 to -15V…

  • ADA4177 OVP function in LTSPICE


    Can we evaluate OVP function in LTSPICE?

    Because below result don't coincide on Datasheets' . 

    Best regards

    Thank you very much.

  • 关于ADA4177的供电


         ADA4177电路性能优秀,是否用DC/DC 电源(纹波30~100mV)会大大降低性能,是否需要用LDO电源供电呢,ADI有这个OP的供电方案不?


  • Will the ADA4177 drive an Analog-to-Digital Converter?

    There are many considerations when driving an ADC.  A primary consideration is the noise and linearity of the amplifier driving the ADC. The effective resolution of an ADC is affected by its total harmonic distortion and noise (called “SINAD” in ADCs…

  • ADA4177 实现有源二阶滤波


         信号特性:0~3V 单端电压信号





        看到 ADA4177-4具有优越的性能,而且保护功能也和独到,是否可以使用它来实现上述信号的滤波呢?