• Leakage current of ADA4096-4

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Our customer made their products with your ADA4096-4 as a comparator.

    On the following schematic,

    When the potential difference is over around 1V, then ADA4096 have a leakage currnet as 20uA to 200uA from - pin to GND.

    Ibmax is 25nAmax…

  • RE: Suggested op-amp for HV mux buffer?

    Hi, Richard.

    You can use ADA4096-2 or ADA4096-4. These parts have typical input bias current of ±3nA, typical input offset voltage of 35uV, can be powered with 30V single supply or ±15V dual supply, and have rail-to-rail input and output.

    You can also…

  • CN-0099

    The circuit below is basically taken from CN-0099 and is part of a weight cell :

    Our problem is that on one of our weight cell units has failed because the ADA4096-2 op amp was broken.

    ( We use ADA4096-2 instead of the op amp AD8603 suggested in CN…

  • RE: Opamp selection

    Hi sahard

    Checking on Analog Devices’ portfolio you could look at ADA4096-4. ADA4096-4 meets most of your requirement, it is capable of +/-3V dual supply operation with a supply current of 65uA per amplifier. Its offset voltage is also relatively small…

  • RE: op-amp input current with voltage on input during powerdown

    Thanks. Yes, I found the ADA4096-2 and the ADA4177-2. The ADA4177-2 has lower input bias current but the packages are larger than the ADA4096-2 in LFCSP.

    The OVP feature prevents damage in my example but I'm not sure whether operating within the OVP window…

  • CN0292


    How was engineer calculating the RC networks on the outputs of the ADA4096-4 (47 Ω/47 nF)? How was engineer choosing the cutoff frequency?

    Project: http://www.analog.com/media/en/reference-design-documentation/reference-designs/CN0292.pdf 

  • Comment on ADA4096: ESD ratings

    Could you send me a Qualification Report of ADA4096?

  • ADA4096-2: Looking for an specific operational amplifier

    For this project we are looking for a specific operational amplifier that must
    meet the following requirements:

    Dual Operational Amplifier
    Automotive Compliant
    MSOP8 Package
    Min Supply voltage of 28V
    Output Voltage Swing within…
  • ADA4096: ESD ratings

    Could you please send me the ESD ratings of the inputs of the ADA4096 opamp,
    which we use in the input stage of a pt100 sensor


    The ADA4096-2 passed ±2500V Human Body Model (HBM), ESD Class 2 (ESD Test
    Specification ESDA/JEDEC…
  • ADA4096-2 & the Filter Wizard


    After using the filter wizard for a design, I am finding some ambiguity in the results of the software, vs data sheet specifications. Or probably a misunderstanding on the results on my part.

    The ADA4096 data sheet indicates an input overload swing…