• Programming ad5752 in 2s comp mode

    Hi can someone please help me in configuring the DAC in in software? I am new in this field. I would like so set the output range to +-5v. I am not sure how it can be configured and initialized with that output range in my program. A basic C or C++ sampale…

  • ADA4096: ESD ratings

    Could you please send me the ESD ratings of the inputs of the ADA4096 opamp,
    which we use in the input stage of a pt100 sensor


    The ADA4096-2 passed ±2500V Human Body Model (HBM), ESD Class 2 (ESD Test
    Specification ESDA/JEDEC…
  • ADP5090 VIN Open Circuit Sampling Cycle = 2s

    I'm using the Evalboard ADP5090-2-EVALZ, a few resistance and cap values exchanged (i can give the details if needed). The Output is loaded with 1Meg, 100uF. Cin is 100uF as well. MPPT and MINOP are used.

    The Problem occurs when The input power is…

  • Charging + BMS LiPo 2S 2P (7.4V) IC- Suggestion

    Dear ADI EngineerZone,

    I am a student at Hochschule München (Applied Sciences) and involved in a project on the Car2X topic.
    For this we have three 1:10 scale model vehicles in operation.

    The next step for our team is the integration of a battery management…

  • Leakage current of ADA4096-4

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Our customer made their products with your ADA4096-4 as a comparator.

    On the following schematic,

    When the potential difference is over around 1V, then ADA4096 have a leakage currnet as 20uA to 200uA from - pin to GND.

    Ibmax is 25nAmax…

  • ADA4096-2 & the Filter Wizard


    After using the filter wizard for a design, I am finding some ambiguity in the results of the software, vs data sheet specifications. Or probably a misunderstanding on the results on my part.

    The ADA4096 data sheet indicates an input overload swing…

  • Misleading Spice model of ADA4096


    As per the information given in the datasheet the voltage noise density is 27nV/Sqrt(Hz).

    I have downloaded the spice model of ADA4096 and simulated as shown in attachment. The simulation results show that the voltage noise density is around 800nV…

  • ADA4096-2 Spice Model offset error

    I am trying to simulate a circuit using the ADA4096-2 and have found that the simulation runs indicating a high input offset voltage on the amp, typically 1.5mV versus the data sheet typical of 35uV.  I have stripped down my model to a bare bones unity…

  • ADA4096-2: Looking for an specific operational amplifier

    For this project we are looking for a specific operational amplifier that must
    meet the following requirements:

    Dual Operational Amplifier
    Automotive Compliant
    MSOP8 Package
    Min Supply voltage of 28V
    Output Voltage Swing within…
  • ADA4096 not clamping input in unity gain buffer test circuit

    I'm testing the ADA4096-2 amplifier. The testing circuit is an unity gain buffer with a 30Hz sine signal, with dual +/- 3V supply, both amplifiers receive the same signal. I see the output is clamped correctly to the supply voltage values, however, as…