• ADA4096-2: Looking for an specific operational amplifier

    For this project we are looking for a specific operational amplifier that must
    meet the following requirements:

    Dual Operational Amplifier
    Automotive Compliant
    MSOP8 Package
    Min Supply voltage of 28V
    Output Voltage Swing within…
  • ADA4096-2 Exposed pad

    The board is out for fab and I didn't connect the exposed pad to either ground or V-.  Is the pad just for thermal heat sinking?  Assuming I'm not dissipating very much power in this part (just quiscent current, less than 1 mA load current) are there…

  • ADA4096: ESD ratings

    Could you please send me the ESD ratings of the inputs of the ADA4096 opamp,
    which we use in the input stage of a pt100 sensor


    The ADA4096-2 passed ±2500V Human Body Model (HBM), ESD Class 2 (ESD Test
    Specification ESDA/JEDEC…
  • (ADA4096-2)Can we input 30V when the power supply is 0V?

    Hi !

    I have a question about ADA4096-2.

    At datasheet, it says absolute maximum is "(-V)-32V < Vin <(+V)+32".

    Does this mean if -V = +V = 0V, can we input ±32V to Input pins?

    Best regards


  • RE: Leakage current of ADA4096-4


    ADA4096 is a rail-to-rail amplifier and it is not recommended for any rail-to-rail amplifier to be used as comparator.
    Kindly see discussion at page 21 of the data sheet.
    Here is an additional documentation about why not to use an op-amp as comparator…

  • RE: Misleading Spice model of ADA4096


    Seems your question has already been answered.
    Also, I have checked the voltage noise response of the current model and seems to be correlated with the date sheet plot.

    This may be an old thread but might be useful to others with the same concern…

  • ADA4096-2 Spice Model offset error

    I am trying to simulate a circuit using the ADA4096-2 and have found that the simulation runs indicating a high input offset voltage on the amp, typically 1.5mV versus the data sheet typical of 35uV.  I have stripped down my model to a bare bones unity…

  • ADA4096-2 & the Filter Wizard


    After using the filter wizard for a design, I am finding some ambiguity in the results of the software, vs data sheet specifications. Or probably a misunderstanding on the results on my part.

    The ADA4096 data sheet indicates an input overload swing…