• ADA4096-2 Exposed pad

    The board is out for fab and I didn't connect the exposed pad to either ground or V-.  Is the pad just for thermal heat sinking?  Assuming I'm not dissipating very much power in this part (just quiscent current, less than 1 mA load current) are there…

  • ADA4096-2 & the Filter Wizard


    After using the filter wizard for a design, I am finding some ambiguity in the results of the software, vs data sheet specifications. Or probably a misunderstanding on the results on my part.

    The ADA4096 data sheet indicates an input overload swing…

  • (ADA4096-2)Can we input 30V when the power supply is 0V?

    Hi !

    I have a question about ADA4096-2.

    At datasheet, it says absolute maximum is "(-V)-32V < Vin <(+V)+32".

    Does this mean if -V = +V = 0V, can we input ±32V to Input pins?

    Best regards


  • ADA4096-2 Spice Model offset error

    I am trying to simulate a circuit using the ADA4096-2 and have found that the simulation runs indicating a high input offset voltage on the amp, typically 1.5mV versus the data sheet typical of 35uV.  I have stripped down my model to a bare bones unity…

  • ADA4096-2: Looking for an specific operational amplifier

    For this project we are looking for a specific operational amplifier that must
    meet the following requirements:

    Dual Operational Amplifier
    Automotive Compliant
    MSOP8 Package
    Min Supply voltage of 28V
    Output Voltage Swing within…
  • ADA4096: ESD ratings

    Could you please send me the ESD ratings of the inputs of the ADA4096 opamp,
    which we use in the input stage of a pt100 sensor


    The ADA4096-2 passed ±2500V Human Body Model (HBM), ESD Class 2 (ESD Test
    Specification ESDA/JEDEC…
  • Leakage current of ADA4096-4

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Our customer made their products with your ADA4096-4 as a comparator.

    On the following schematic,

    When the potential difference is over around 1V, then ADA4096 have a leakage currnet as 20uA to 200uA from - pin to GND.

    Ibmax is 25nAmax…

  • Misleading Spice model of ADA4096


    As per the information given in the datasheet the voltage noise density is 27nV/Sqrt(Hz).

    I have downloaded the spice model of ADA4096 and simulated as shown in attachment. The simulation results show that the voltage noise density is around 800nV…

  • ADA4096 not clamping input in unity gain buffer test circuit

    I'm testing the ADA4096-2 amplifier. The testing circuit is an unity gain buffer with a 30Hz sine signal, with dual +/- 3V supply, both amplifiers receive the same signal. I see the output is clamped correctly to the supply voltage values, however, as…

  • JPEG Processing - 4:2:2 v 4:2:0?

    My JPEG saga continue...

    I am using a BF561 single core to compress a 640x480 YUV 4:2:2 image into JPEG format, employing the ADI JPEG Library tools.  I am getting very poor performance compared with the reference results from the Spec Sheet.  The Spec…