• Understanding the ADA4091-4 Input protection circuitry

    I have a circuit design which has an op amp with +/-15V rails feeding into an ADA4091-4 on 0->3.3V. There is 9.4k between the 2 parts of the circuit. Is this sufficient to protect the 4091 in light of an over voltage condition, or will it fail immediately…

  • ADA4091-2



    I'm developing my circuit by using this RRIO dual op amp ADA4091-2.


    My input supply is a single supply of 18V and 20V. In my circuit i have used two per of this op amp ADA4091-2.


    I had read through the datasheet of ADA4091-2 the…

  • RE: ADA4091-2 Immunity Test Questions



    ADA4091-2/4 has two different ESD circuits for enhanced protection as shown on the DS rev. H page 15 figure 48. However, the test methods and results for these tests are not publised in the datasheet. But given that sophisticated input protection…

  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion for ADA4091-2ARZ


    What is the coefficient of Thermal Expansion for ADA4091-2ARZ?


  • 4:4:4 encoding?

    Is there an Analog Devices part that can accept 4:4:4 encoding?

  • ADV7612 4:4:4 YCrCb


    datasheet on page 13 states that the ADV7612 supports 36-bit 4:4:4 YCrCb, but the table 5 and 6 do not list this mode. Is it supported, how can it be activated?

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  • av code section for 4:4:4

    I have a question. What is the content of Section AV for YCbCr 4:4:4 24 bit interface?

  • ADV7612 DDR 4:4:4 Output Modes data

    Page 13 of DS describes the PIXEL INPUT/OUTPUT FORMATTING The output section of the ADV7612 is highly flexible. The pixel output bus can support up to 36-bit 4:4:4 YCrCb or 36-bit 4:4:4 RGB. The pixel data supports both single and double data rates modes1…

  • ADV7619 4k 8bit 4/4/4 pass through


      I wanted to ask for clarification on the VS and HS signals with the ADV7619 in pass through mode.  i read the thread on this previously https://ez.analog.com/message/156902#156902 and it does say that the CP will be bypassed and the syncs remain…

  • ADV7627 RGB 4:4:4 Color Space Issue

    We are using the ADV7627.

    An error occurs when we have a source generating RGB 4:4:4. Output color is incorrect and exhibits lots of pink.  When the source is connected directly to the display everything looks just fine. BTW, auto-CSC doesn't seem to…