• ADA4091-2



    I'm developing my circuit by using this RRIO dual op amp ADA4091-2.


    My input supply is a single supply of 18V and 20V. In my circuit i have used two per of this op amp ADA4091-2.


    I had read through the datasheet of ADA4091-2 the…

  • ADA4091-2 Immunity Test Questions

    I have the technical questions on EFT/B immunity (IEC 61000-4-4) fail at 4kV through the input power supply of 24Vdc common line.

    We isolated the failure is caused by the ADA4091-2 because if i change to the existing part of op amp it will pass the…

  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion for ADA4091-2ARZ


    What is the coefficient of Thermal Expansion for ADA4091-2ARZ?


  • RE: AD822 (A), looking for modern version for this



      AD822 came out in 1993, close enough to 1995.....

    Our IEEE subscription only covers in house use, so I can't send it to you, but the part was written

    up  by Close and Santos.

      Without knowing your highest signal frequency, source impedance…

  • RE: Current and Voltage Monitor with AD7606

    you can protect your amplifier by placing series resitor with +input of the amplifier and also use clamp shottkey diodes to the rails but there are negatives to these. Alternatively you can use parts like ADA4091-2 or ADA4092-4 that have these built in…

  • Understanding the ADA4091-4 Input protection circuitry

    I have a circuit design which has an op amp with +/-15V rails feeding into an ADA4091-4 on 0->3.3V. There is 9.4k between the 2 parts of the circuit. Is this sufficient to protect the 4091 in light of an over voltage condition, or will it fail immediately…

  • RE: What is the Common mode voltage range of ADA4522-2 ?

    Hi Ashok,

    Thank you for this information.

    When you say you are encountering issue in precision, do you mean you have a target accuracy that doesn't met or the circuit  doesn't functioning well?

    If you are using the uA747 with supply voltage of…

  • RE: Question

    Hi, Jacky.

    Usually, datasheets specify the short circuit current (Isc) which is the maximum current that an amplifier can drive into a short circuit. Other amplifiers' datasheets, like the ADA4077, also specify the output current (source or sink…

  • 运算放大器输出相位反转和输入过压保护


  • RE: AD7323 output deviation with SPI frequency?

    Dear Aidan,

    First of all thank you for your reply.

    In our case ref voltage is 3V (ADR5043A), Vdd=12V, Vss=gnd and we use ADA4091 as input buffer with 12V supply.

    Our analog inputs are slowly changing DC voltage reading position of simple voltage divider…