• ADA4084-2 Spice Model Weird Noise Behavior

    I am trying to design a ADA4084-2 into my latest design, but I am receiving strange results when I do noise modeling using the Spice circuit.  The voltage noise at the output is extremely large, even with relatively small feedback resistor values.  It almost…

  • Better than ADA4084? Audio MIC/Line Pre-Amp Circuit


    I am planning to use the ADA4084 op-amp for a MIC/Line preamplification circuit.

    My question is, is there any op-amp which might be better than this one?

    When I mean better, I am referring to lower noise, lower voltage and current noise. Further…

  • ADA4084-1 how the grater input differential voltage could affect the amplifier?


    Our customer is using ADA4084-1  as a simple comparator.

    in the datasheet the maximum differential input voltage is specified as ±0.6 V.

    It is also mentioned that For input differential voltages greater than 0.6 V, limit the input current to…

  • I want to use daisy-chained AD7768-4s.  My breadboard outputs groups of 4 channels (desired) with 4-channel gaps (un-desired).  Any suggestions?

    (same as question).  I've re-read the AD7768/-4 data sheet and don't see the answer.

  • RE: ADA4805 output impedance

    Thank you for your help on this. My concern was that I didn't find in the datasheet the information. But If I can consider that ADA4084 is similar to ADA4805 then the graph is exactly what I need. I'll consider using ADA4084 also. 

    Best regards…

  • RE: Upgrade suggestion for OP484FS in a front end power metering application


    The ADA4084-2 is expected to be a little lower in price than the OP284. Final prices will be set when the product is released in a few weeks. Please check back with us, or at our website http://www.analog.com/en/precision-op-amps/precision-rail…

  • RE: ADA4800 x-ray radiation resistant


    I got a feedback now from the responsible Apps Engr.

    The environment you have mentioned is comparable to Low Dose Radiation (LDR) environment.
    We do not have exact data for ADA4800 but we have data for ADA4084-2S and this should have similar data but…

  • RE: DC voltage follower with AD623

    Thank you so much Harry! I'll try ADA4084-1.