• RE: ADA4084 Minimum Supply Voltage, Single-Supply

    You should not trust them at all.  The models are behavioural and whoever wrote them, tested them over the data sheet

    and probably not outside of the d.s.   Did you try the part at 100V??  Maybe the model works there, but I can guarantee

    you the part will…

  • ADA4084 characteristics

    Dear all,  

    I probably posted a message in the wrong forum. Please find below the question related to ADA4084

    Datasheet Table 3 specifies that at +/-5V, typical input impedance is [100KOhms||1.1pF]Differential and [200MOhms||2.5pF]Common mode.

    Are these…

  • ADA4084 SPICE Model


    I'm trying to use ADA4084 spice model inside of LTSpice. 

    However, I'm getting errors "Singular matrix: check node u7:82 Iteration No.1", where u7 is one of the ADA4084 instances. 

    I have read elsewhere online that LTSpice doesn…

  • ADA4084 Settling Time


    -Do you know what does the 0.1% means in the test conditions of settling time ? (see below)

    Settling Time : ts : AV = 10, VIN = 10 V p-p, 0.1%        typ:4µs.

    - I did not understand figure 30, 61,92 of settling time.

    For Figure 92, Vsy=+/-15V, Input…

  • Exposed pad on ADA4084-2

    What's the consequence of leaving the exposed pad unconnected on the ADA4084-2? The datasheet says it must be connected.  Will the result be poor thermal performance or are there other potential issues

  • Strange Input Current in ADA4084-1


    I am using the ADA4084-1 in a non-inverting, follower configuration in a data acquisition application.  The input is AC coupled.  At high input power levels, the input suddenly latches to a high value, and will stay there until the input RMS…

  • ADA4084增益带宽积

    在阅读AD4084-2手册中发现其增益带宽积有GBP 和-3dB 两种,而且在GBP中标明Av=100时为15.9MHz,在-3dB中Av=1,却只有13.9MHz。问题如下:



    3.Unit-Gain Crossover 是什么意思?


  • ADA4084-2 Spice Model Weird Noise Behavior

    I am trying to design a ADA4084-2 into my latest design, but I am receiving strange results when I do noise modeling using the Spice circuit.  The voltage noise at the output is extremely large, even with relatively small feedback resistor values.  It almost…

  • Better than ADA4084? Audio MIC/Line Pre-Amp Circuit


    I am planning to use the ADA4084 op-amp for a MIC/Line preamplification circuit.

    My question is, is there any op-amp which might be better than this one?

    When I mean better, I am referring to lower noise, lower voltage and current noise. Further…

  • 4:4:4 encoding?

    Is there an Analog Devices part that can accept 4:4:4 encoding?