• RE: ADA4084-2

    Hi Elias,

    From the ordering guide on the ADA4084-2S product page, it appears the correct model for engineering units is:  ADA4084-2AF-EMX


  • Programming ad5752 in 2s comp mode

    Hi can someone please help me in configuring the DAC in in software? I am new in this field. I would like so set the output range to +-5v. I am not sure how it can be configured and initialized with that output range in my program. A basic C or C++ sampale…

  • ADP5090 VIN Open Circuit Sampling Cycle = 2s

    I'm using the Evalboard ADP5090-2-EVALZ, a few resistance and cap values exchanged (i can give the details if needed). The Output is loaded with 1Meg, 100uF. Cin is 100uF as well. MPPT and MINOP are used.

    The Problem occurs when The input power is…

  • Charging + BMS LiPo 2S 2P (7.4V) IC- Suggestion

    Dear ADI EngineerZone,

    I am a student at Hochschule München (Applied Sciences) and involved in a project on the Car2X topic.
    For this we have three 1:10 scale model vehicles in operation.

    The next step for our team is the integration of a battery management…

  • ADA4084-4S

    The AD P/N ADA4084-4S is controlled by the DLA SMD 5962-15236. On page 4 of this SMD there is a Note7/ which refers to manufacturer's SEE Test Report. AD website has not listed such document. Where can I get this report?

    Thank you,

    Boris Yagudayev…

  • ADA4084 characteristics

    Dear all,  

    I probably posted a message in the wrong forum. Please find below the question related to ADA4084

    Datasheet Table 3 specifies that at +/-5V, typical input impedance is [100KOhms||1.1pF]Differential and [200MOhms||2.5pF]Common mode.

    Are these…

  • ADA4084 SPICE Model


    I'm trying to use ADA4084 spice model inside of LTSpice. 

    However, I'm getting errors "Singular matrix: check node u7:82 Iteration No.1", where u7 is one of the ADA4084 instances. 

    I have read elsewhere online that LTSpice doesn…

  • ADA4084 Settling Time


    -Do you know what does the 0.1% means in the test conditions of settling time ? (see below)

    Settling Time : ts : AV = 10, VIN = 10 V p-p, 0.1%        typ:4µs.

    - I did not understand figure 30, 61,92 of settling time.

    For Figure 92, Vsy=+/-15V, Input…

  • Exposed pad on ADA4084-2

    What's the consequence of leaving the exposed pad unconnected on the ADA4084-2? The datasheet says it must be connected.  Will the result be poor thermal performance or are there other potential issues

  • ADA4084 Minimum Supply Voltage, Single-Supply

    I am simulating both the OP484 and the ADA4084 in the attached LTspice schematic. The circuit provides a linear output voltage as a function of the input voltage. The input voltage also biases the amplifier. I originally assumed I should only specify…