• Exposed pad on ADA4084-2

    What's the consequence of leaving the exposed pad unconnected on the ADA4084-2? The datasheet says it must be connected.  Will the result be poor thermal performance or are there other potential issues

  • RE: Upgrade suggestion for OP484FS in a front end power metering application


    The ADA4084-2 is expected to be a little lower in price than the OP284. Final prices will be set when the product is released in a few weeks. Please check back with us, or at our website http://www.analog.com/en/precision-op-amps/precision-rail…

  • RE: Filter Wizard / SPICE noise analysis inconsistency



    Anne sent me the two links.  For the LPF, use the ADA4084-2.

    For the BPF, use the ADA4851-2.


  • ADA4084-2 Spice Model Weird Noise Behavior

    I am trying to design a ADA4084-2 into my latest design, but I am receiving strange results when I do noise modeling using the Spice circuit.  The voltage noise at the output is extremely large, even with relatively small feedback resistor values.  It almost…

  • RE: OP2177: rail-rail input/output

    ADA4084-2, but you only need RR I/O for buffers.  How are you using them?


  • RE: OP284 oscillationg

    I removed the OP284's and replaced them with the ADA4084-2's.

    No oscillation now.

    Thanks again.

  • RE: Suggested op-amp for HV mux buffer?

    Hi, Richard.

    You can use ADA4096-2 or ADA4096-4. These parts have typical input bias current of ±3nA, typical input offset voltage of 35uV, can be powered with 30V single supply or ±15V dual supply, and have rail-to-rail input and output.

    You can also…

  • ADA4084 characteristics

    Dear all,  

    I probably posted a message in the wrong forum. Please find below the question related to ADA4084

    Datasheet Table 3 specifies that at +/-5V, typical input impedance is [100KOhms||1.1pF]Differential and [200MOhms||2.5pF]Common mode.

    Are these…

  • RE: ADC section - High speed weighing machine

    Hi Harry,

    Thanks for your reply,

    But ADA4084-2 required dual supply(+Ve and -Ve).But my case only single supply.

    Also what about AD8223 instrumental amplifier.


    Anees PK.

  • OP284F

    The OP284F data sheet says that the storage temperature is between -65ºC  to
    150ºC and operating temperature is between -40ºC to 125ºC. I am wondering if
    OP284F will work with reduced performance at -55ºC?


    Please be aware that the ADA4084…