• ADA4084-1 how the grater input differential voltage could affect the amplifier?


    Our customer is using ADA4084-1  as a simple comparator.

    in the datasheet the maximum differential input voltage is specified as ±0.6 V.

    It is also mentioned that For input differential voltages greater than 0.6 V, limit the input current to…

  • Strange Input Current in ADA4084-1


    I am using the ADA4084-1 in a non-inverting, follower configuration in a data acquisition application.  The input is AC coupled.  At high input power levels, the input suddenly latches to a high value, and will stay there until the input RMS…

  • ADA4084-2


    My understanding from the datasheet provided by Analog Devices is that ADA4084-2AFQMLL and ADA4084-2AFQMLR are the unscreened versions of 5962L1324502VXA and 5962R1324501VXA. Is that correct or am I mistaken?

    Ultimately we are hoping for unscreened…

  • ADA4084-4S

    The AD P/N ADA4084-4S is controlled by the DLA SMD 5962-15236. On page 4 of this SMD there is a Note7/ which refers to manufacturer's SEE Test Report. AD website has not listed such document. Where can I get this report?

    Thank you,

    Boris Yagudayev…

  • ADA4084 SPICE Model


    I'm trying to use ADA4084 spice model inside of LTSpice. 

    However, I'm getting errors "Singular matrix: check node u7:82 Iteration No.1", where u7 is one of the ADA4084 instances. 

    I have read elsewhere online that LTSpice doesn…

  • ADA4084 characteristics

    Dear all,  

    I probably posted a message in the wrong forum. Please find below the question related to ADA4084

    Datasheet Table 3 specifies that at +/-5V, typical input impedance is [100KOhms||1.1pF]Differential and [200MOhms||2.5pF]Common mode.

    Are these…

  • ADA4084 Settling Time


    -Do you know what does the 0.1% means in the test conditions of settling time ? (see below)

    Settling Time : ts : AV = 10, VIN = 10 V p-p, 0.1%        typ:4µs.

    - I did not understand figure 30, 61,92 of settling time.

    For Figure 92, Vsy=+/-15V, Input…

  • Exposed pad on ADA4084-2

    What's the consequence of leaving the exposed pad unconnected on the ADA4084-2? The datasheet says it must be connected.  Will the result be poor thermal performance or are there other potential issues

  • ADA4084 Minimum Supply Voltage, Single-Supply

    I am simulating both the OP484 and the ADA4084 in the attached LTspice schematic. The circuit provides a linear output voltage as a function of the input voltage. The input voltage also biases the amplifier. I originally assumed I should only specify…

  • ADA4084增益带宽积

    在阅读AD4084-2手册中发现其增益带宽积有GBP 和-3dB 两种,而且在GBP中标明Av=100时为15.9MHz,在-3dB中Av=1,却只有13.9MHz。问题如下:



    3.Unit-Gain Crossover 是什么意思?