• Regarding ADA4077


    I am using ADA4077 opamp in my SMPS design for Feedback for current control. I given single supply of +15V to pin 8 and 4 pin connected to GND. But iam getting 1.34V offset at ping 7,it is effecting my current control.Please suggest me how to minimize…

  • RE: OP-05 replacement



      Depending on the circuit, supply voltages, highest signal frequency, etc,

    you could look at ADA4177-1, ADA4077-1,  AD8677 or AD8675.


  • ADA4077-2 Drop-In Replacement

    Is ADA4077-2 a drop in replacement for the previous generation?


    Almost all specifications of this newer product are improved over the parts in
    older generations. Exceptions are IVR and output swings which are slightly
    different. The…
  • ADA4077-2 Major Improvements

    What major improvements does this family (ADA4077-2) offer to applications?


    Almost all specs are improved over the previous generations. The biggest
    improvement offered to various applications by ADA4077 is the wider bandwidth
    to process…
  • AD5791 Reference Buffer Opamps

    The data sheet and reference designs recommend the AD8676 for voltage reference buffers.  I would like to use an opamp that draws less supply current than the 3.4mA max of the AD8676.  The ADA4077-2 looks to have similar performance specs, and draws only…

  • RE: AD625关于失调失调电压关于相对于时间的比值指标


  • RE: what is the ad8676 best voltage follower setup?


    Look at ADA4077-2 or ADA4522-2.


  • ADA4077-2 ESD Ratings and Human Body Model Rating

    ESD ratings for semiconductors used in industrial applications have been
    increasing recently  often requiring Human Body Model, (HBM) rating of 1.5kV to
    2kV or more. What ESD rating does the ADA4077-2 have?


    The ADA4077-2 HBM rating…
  • OP1177 current noise density and corner frequency

    I have a question about OP1177 which I would like to use to amplify very low
    signals at low frequencies (current anbd voltage measurement in a railway
    However the data sheet does not provide a current noise graph on which I could…