• RE: Please let me know the input impedance.

    Hi DMN,

    When you say:

    It seems that PKG of ADA4062 is a little large for them.

    I assume you are looking at the quad version, ADA4062-4? For quad op-amps the footprint does not get much smaller than the 3x3mm LFCSP of the ADA4062-4. However,…

  • Dual Supply vs Single Supply?

    The ADA4062-2 data sheet is specified with dual supply Vsy = +/-15V. Can I operate it on 30V and GND instead?

  • RE: Help with AD648 Opamp when very low input signal change


      I would not do a new design with the AD648 that came out in 1986.

    A next generation part is the ADA4062-2, which came out in 2008 and does have a spice

    model on the product page.


  • Need help to design a transimpedance using ADA4062

    I am designing a transimpedance using ADA4062-2(figure 1). The input signal contains 1kHz sine wave and 2kHz sine wave. My target is to measure the amplitude and the phase of 2kHz sine wave signal.

    As the signal is quite small, I decide to use the T…

  • ADA4062-4 spice mode

    Hello everyone

    I want to simulate my circuit  with LTspice, but can not find the model of ADA4062-4, does anyone know a similar spice mode to ADA4062-4?

    best ragards.


  • RE: Need AD648 spice model. Thank you. fausto Bartra

    Hello Fausto,

    You can use ADA4062-2 as a recommended alternative parts. It's a low power JFET dual op amp with a readily available SPICE model.

    Please let us know if you have any more question.



  • AD548B replacement is ADA4062

    Here is a customer who wants to know if the part AD548B is still in massive


    AD548 is an old part. It is better to use ADA4062 family instead.
  • RE: need footprint for CP-10-10 LFCSP package (ADA4062-2)

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • RE: Clamping Amplifier

    As per Kris's suggestion, a buffer amplifier running off 15V rails would be how I would tackle this. ADI don't seem to offer a lot of low power opamps that run off 30V total supply, but I would look at the ADA4062-2. You can use the 'gain of 3 trick'…

  • RE: looking for the AD648 SPICE model


      The AD648 came out in 1986 and there is no spice model.  You could use the ADA4062-2 spice model,

    which came out in 2008.  But 98% of spice models do NOT model anything over temperature.

    What temp range?

    If you can provlde a schematic, preferably…