• RE: CN0350 for Piezo strain

    Hi Lin,

    The ADA4051-2 has very low offset voltage and would probably be a better choice than the AD8502.

    Since the bandwidth of your signal is only 20Hz, the gain-bandwidth of the ADA4051-2 is high enough.

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  • RE: AD8639做电阻应变称重传感器放大器求助


  • RE: ADuC7060/ADuC7061  adc

    Before I used the kind of attachment method
    I have bought a 1000 ada4051-2

    But input voltage error.

  • RE: aduc7061



    ADUC7060 for 4-20mA loop processing, taking into account the internal PGA power is too large, and the maximum PGA gain is 64, the rest is a digital gain. Can you provide the ADC low power mode PGA consumption power? Modeled on the CN0216_00_1024…

  • RE: How set  filter?

    I do this,is ok?  (ADA4051-2 Composition Differential amplifier  use VCC :5V   )

    I only know a little English。

    I hope you can understand。

  • Differential signal amplify

    ADUC7060 Differential signal amplify:

    Consider the power consumption, can not be used within the PGA amplification, use an attachment circuit(OP: ADA4051-2  ), can I?

    That the circuit where you need to modify?(Signal change  1~2 mV/V)

    Signal processing…

  • AD8500/AD8539/ADA4051 Input resistance


    The some datasheet that it have describe the input resistance, like ADA4051, but the others datasheet didn't describe the input resistance, like AD8539 and AD8500

    How to know input resistance?    especially no describe the input resistance???

  • Worse case power dissipation (Pd) & Thermal resistance θjc (Junction to Case)

    Required Worse case power dissipation (Pd) & Thermal resistance θjc (Junction to Case) of the following part numbers.

  • Single supply, PDIP Op-Amps

    Hi everyone!


    I'm new here so bare with me!


    I'm looking for an op-amp with similar features/specs to the ADA4051, but in a PDIP packaging (throughhole/breadboard size). I have attached the data-sheet for the ADA4051, but my basic requirements…