• Problem with ADA4004-4/ADG1436/AD7628

    Dear All:

    Recently I had a full board using, among others, the chips named above. As I got ADA4004 or ADG1436 burnt without any explanation, I did a prototype board using only the above chips to try to discover the problem and still have the same problem…

  • 关于运放功耗的问题

    数据手册上ADA4004-1/ADA4004-2/ADA4004-4的数据手册,静态电流写的是每个放大器电源电流是2 mA。我想确认一下,这里是说每个通道还是指的整个运放。比如说对于四通道的ADA4004-4,其功耗应该是2 mA*Vdd*2还是2 mA*4*Vdd*2

  • RE: Op amp to drive 10uF capacitor

    OK, thanks - I was planning to use the ADA4004 amplifier (http://www.analog.com/static/imported-files/data_sheets/ADA4004-1_4004-2_4004-4.pdf), which I guess could conveniently produce an output current of up to around 1mA. What capacitance would be needed…

  • ADA4004 Distortion


    I'm trying to incorporate ADA4004 in my next audio design as a low power replacement of OPA1612. Is there any data on its THD?


    Bo Gao

  • 带通滤波器供电电流过大,发热严重且波形失真




  • ADA4004: Maximum Differential Input Voltage

    We are using ADA4004 OP-Amp in an application with high differential input
    voltage. (0...10V). It is supplied with +-15V. Do the inputs of this Opamp draw
    higher input currents, with this differential input voltages?
    Will there any other…
  • RE: ADA4004 Input Impedance

    I can estimate the impedance of the source from 1~50 Ohm as they should be driven over long wire and a output buffer should be there.

  • RE: 微伏电压信号放大电路




    ADA4004-1 数据手册和产品信息 | 亚德诺半导体

  • Is the ADA4004-2 unity gain stable as an inverting amplifier?


    From experience, a datasheet for an op amp will say whether or not the op amp is unity gain stable.  I cannot find such a statement for the ADA4004-2.  Does anyone know if this particular op amp is unity gain stable?  I'm especially curious if this…

  • RE: Amplifier Selection

    Hi Denis,

    You may want to used the ADA4898-1, AD8597 and ADA4004-1. These are low noise/distortion amplifiers that are unity gain stable and capable to handle your required supply voltage.

    I hope this helps!

    Best regards,